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Did you know that tanks can fly?

Steamcraft is a steampunk multiplayer shooter with steam-powered vehicles. Build your own unique ground-based or aerial vehicle out of over 600 blocks of various shapes and sizes. Sell your creations at the in-game store or buy pre-made, battle-tested vehicles from other players!

Fight in fast-paced, dynamic battles on maps with randomly-selected times of day and weather conditions. Team up with your friends and form platoons to fight enemies. Smash your foes to bits — literally! Shoot off their wheels, their guns, and parts of their bodies. What could be better than finishing off an immobilized, disarmed enemy? Don't believe it? Come see for yourself!

The game is designed for intense, furious PvP combat against other players and PvE battles against bots.

Show off your skills and prove you're the best!

Steamcraft was developed over the course of 13 months. During this time the game was successfully launched and tested. Over 300,000 players had a chance to get acquainted with the world of Steamcraft. Right now we're approaching the final development stage, when we can start introducing players to the game.

The game's core content is planned for fall-winter of 2016.

The game currently features:

- Realistic battles with real physics

- Updated graphics

- Pay once play forever (no in app purchases)

- An optimized game client (the game can even run on weaker PCs)

- Five unique maps (desert, canyon, winter valley, summer forest, ruined castle)

- Three different game modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, base capture)

- Weather and time of day change automatically (morning, daytime, evening, night, rain, wind, fog, snow, etc.)

- Vehicle parts behave realistically (every part has its own weight and value)

- Destroyed blocks interact with other objects on the map (they don't just disappear)

- Blocks and vehicles have several levels of destructibility (vehicles take damage based on which specific block was hit, e.g. wheels and turrets take damage separately)

- Vehicles' appearances are fully customizable (emblems, stickers, flags)

- Over 600 unique blocks for building vehicles

- Ten upgrade classes (from 1 to 10)

- Four unique movement types (wheels, treads, propellers, antigrav)

- Six unique weapon types with their own characteristics (machine guns, railguns, Tesla cannons, missile launchers, mortars, artillery guns)

- You can create vehicles and sell them to other players

- You can view other players' profiles and vehicles

- Global in-game chat

- Global voice chat

- Automatic daily in-game events

- Furious battles (if you get killed, you don't have to wait for the battle to end and quit to the menu to find another battle. The results of the battle will be displayed later)

- Platoons (play with your friends on the same team)

- Bots (so all PvE lovers can enjoy the single-player mode)

- Daily rewards for the top 100 players on the leaderboard

What's coming after launch:

- Clans

- New modes and maps

- New weapon and block types

- Build clan territories

- Paint vehicles

- Underwater battles and underwater vehicles

- Capture clan territories and fight over resources

- Other ways to level up and upgrade

This is far from a list of all our ideas. We'd love to hear all your suggestions, and we'll choose the best of them to implement in the game.

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Please release this game on steam, there is a huge market for this because robocraft ruined their own game.

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robocraft was already dead, this will replace it. Thank god for the developers of steamcraft.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I agree robocraft is robocrap from freescam games. Look at their recent steam approval, its what in the 30%'s now? Man they ruined that game so hard its not even funny and the devs STILL lie to the players and do not want to admit what is really wrong with the game. LOOT CRATES. That is just ONE of the many things wrong with it but it is the MAIN one. They say they will never get rid of them too lol, well they can continue to be over 1 million dollars in debt and watch the lights turn off.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

My questions:

- When will it be released?
- How can I buy it?
- Is there a forum?
- Is there a website?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So where can I buy the game it says released on the 25th but there are still no downloads same thing with steam greenlight it says you can buy it may 2016. God you guys really have to be more active on your twitter if your going to delay the release!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This is going to destroy Robocraft ...

Don't make the same mistakes as FreeJam did!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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