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Skylands: The Game is now available on Greenlight. Come vote for us!


Current development task
(22.2) Extend gameplay features and upload a gameplay video.

About the game
Skylands is a survival sandbox game. You're lost on a small group of islands.
With nothing more than a few items and tools you are forced to gather recources and build up your base to complete challenging quests.

Skylands includes:
- Build Mode: Build you own base.
- Crafting System: Merge items together and invent new tools.
- Quest: Complete quests and show that you are the best.
- Multiplayer: Play together with your friends.

Current state:
- Building mode
- Inventory system
- Player movement and animations
- Game can be saved and loaded
- Components to gather recources

Early access:
- Quest system
- More buildings and items
- Animals
- Fix bugs and create a nice game experience

Final Version:
- Multiplayer
- All bugs fixed
- Randomly generated islands
- Mod support

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Update #02



this week was mainly focused on adding gameplay features and creating the gameplay trailer.

- Save and Load System
- Pickaxe + animations
- Stone
- Ores (Iron, Copper)
- Electrical components
- Items and icons for the new things
- Furnace <- Still working on it

- Minor bugs which I saw while adding new things

Next week I want to finish the furnace and start developing the Loneland (more information soon) system. I think this will need the whole week because it is a big part of the game and I want to make it good. :)

If you have any suggestions to make a better game let me know in the comments below and don't forget to vote for us.

Best regards,

Update #01

Update #01


This is the first Dev-Blog of Skylands. In this Dev-Blogs I will try to give you an idea about what I have done in the last few days.

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