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Sentimental K is a 3D rogue-like action game.

Sentimental K fuses the dynamic and intuitive gameplay found in the 3D action genre with the ever-changing and unexpected experiences found in roguelikes.

Players must eliminate enemies and advance towards their destination using 『Weapons, Skills, and Artifacts』 obtained from a variety of situations. If the player dies during their journey, they lose all their rewards and must restart from the beginning.

Weapons, skills, artifacts, dungeon layouts, and bosses change randomly every time you play. You will have to find your own optimal configurations in order to make it all the way to the end!


  • 3D Action Camera
    The game generally uses a top-down view, but the camera dynamically adjusts to provide players with a better experience when entering close combat with enemies.

  • Dynamic Action with a Satisfying Feel
    With our years of experience developing action games, we have made Sentimental K with tight controls and dynamic 3D action that remains visceral while maintaining a sense of rhythm.

  • Deep, Synergistic Strategies
    Players need to consider carefully how to use the 『Weapons, Skills, and Artifacts』 they acquire together effectively. It’s a lot of fun when a build works as intended!

  • Randomness
    Weapons, skills, artifacts, dungeon layouts, bosses, and other elements are randomly generated. Freshly generated gameplay elements provide a new experience each time you play.

  • Permadeath
    Unfortunately, if you get killed by a monster, you must start over from the beginning with only your basic weapon. Repeated play will not permanently strengthen the main character's stats. Instead of the character’s growth, immersion comes from your experience and growth as a player.

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Sentimental K 1.0 official release!

Hello. Folks!
Sentimental K's Early Access is over, and now it's officially released!

Steam Page Link

Sentimental K started development in May 2019,
after the Early Access release in June 2020,
finally, it is officially released on January 18, 2022.

Content added during Early Access

  • Added the weapon system
  • Added 5 types of skills
  • Added 2 bosses
  • Added 3 elite types
  • Add 1 normal monster
  • Added 8 stages
  • Added 36 artifacts
  • Added 16 events
  • Added new character appearance
  • Added score and the leaderboard system
  • Added the weapon trophy system
  • The Abyss system and difficulty improvement
  • The blessing system improvement
  • The artwork improvement
  • Added the main illustration
  • The sound effects improvement
  • Added a number of BGM and OST album release
  • Gamepad and touch screen support
  • Added Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese translations
  • 233 balance fixes
  • 170 bug fixes

Big thank you!

The Early Access period was a very special journey for our development team. It was a series of really happy events that the game we had only imagined in our minds became concrete and met many gamers from all over the world.

We would like to share this joy with all of the people who have written loving and thoughtful reviews and bug reports, have sent emails for collaboration, and have given us supports, a lot of help, and feedbacks. I will always cherish the many connections I have gained while developing Sentimental K.

Thank you to everyone who has been watching the journey over the past three years and has been with us.

Steam page: Store.steampowered.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Discord: Discord.gg
Contact: Lee Dongmin fordays2020@gmail.com

Copyright 2022. Fordays Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sentimental K Devlog #9 - Difficulty

Sentimental K Devlog #9 - Difficulty


In this post, we will dive into the difficulty of the game.

Sentimental K Devlog #8 - Weapon System

Sentimental K Devlog #8 - Weapon System


The new weapon system is now available with the November update! We'll briefly describe what is it and how to enjoy it.

Sentimental K is available at 30% discount on Steam

Sentimental K is available at 30% discount on Steam


3D Action Rogue-like game ‘Sentimental K’ is available at 30% discount on Steam.

Sentimental K Devlog #7 - New Character

Sentimental K Devlog #7 - New Character


Today, we are going to introduce the newly designed character.

Sweet_Lemonade - - 40 comments

Very cool looking game with interesting combat. Can't wait to see more of it.

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KumaGK - - 4 comments

Been waiting for a flashy hack n' slash game to pop up. Very intrigued.

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