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Every decade, the Mka tribe sends caravans of adventurers into the Phithi, the meteorological chaos that keeps the Uwando tribes isolated from each other and makes life outside the refuges almost impossible.

Their mission: to establish diplomatic and trade relations, to explore and reclaim the lands left to the mercy of monsters and pirates, and, most importantly, to plant a new tree city that can become a refuge for the Mka and their allies. Regardless of the success or failure of their mission, the caravans must send the memories they have gained back to the capital, using the crystospheres carried by traveling beetles.

  • Guide a caravan of adventurers through ever-changing landscapes.
  • Fight and survive in the face of acid rain, sandstorms and heat waves.
  • Tame hostile creatures, rescue refugees, seek allies for mutual aid, or follow the blood path and loot everything you can.
  • Seek rich arable soil to plant a new Tree City for your people.
  • Progress by passing on your knowledge to a new caravan.
  • Repair the broken climate, and put an end to centuries of wandering.

  • Make choices that will affect your future expeditions.
  • Each character has a different job that greatly influences the gameplay. It's up to you to explore mythical ruins as an Archeologist, or track down huge beasts as a Hunter.
  • Don't underestimate the weather! It influences the movements of the characters and the outcomes of confrontations.

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Sandwalkers - Reveal trailer


Hello everyone,

We are happy to show you our reveal trailer and few new screenshots for our upcoming game.

Sandwalkers is a roguelike turn-based exploration game. Build your team, traverse varied hostile environments, face countless dangers, and gain knowledge that will help you find and resurrect the Mother Tree Umama.

And here two fresh screenshots about the game <3

fight sand

ss 6e75f97504775b12d51841b9ab918

You can add the game to your wishlist now:

sandwalkers widget 1

And also join our newsletter if you want participate to future beta: Bit.ly

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