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Sand is the Soul is an adventure game mixed with combat and RPG elements. Venture through the decaying Victorian post-punk autonomy of Crosshill. Fulfil your mission as a diplomatic messenger with a depeche of utmost importance... or not.

The choice is yours

You can choose to go AWOL, take part in a coup d'etat, be a junkie addicted to the Sand, get killed by an angry lover, screw everyone and overthrow the ruler and become a despot, and much, much more... Your actions will define your tale so choose wisely, for at no point will the game judge your actions. Depending on the ending you achieve, you will be rewarded with cheats you can use in the New Game+ mode.

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Prepare for the challenge

Sand is the Soul is made entirely by one person so it's important to keep your expectations realistic. I put a lot of hard work and effort into making the game the way it is and I’m fully aware that it’s not for everyone. Sand is the Soul isn't a mindless button masher, nor is it a casual, basic side-scroller. The game offers many features but they are seldom highlighted. You have the freedom to explore and experiment with the world. Be patient, be curious, be ambitious and you will be rewarded.

Artful audiovisual composition

The game has a very specific graphic style. With its trippy backgrounds and stark contrasts, there is no denying the visuals are an acquired taste. Check out the screenshots: do you like what you see? In addition, Sand is the Soul has a dedicated soundtrack made to fit what is happening on-screen, so in many cases the music changes dynamically.

This is my design. I hope you’ll like it.


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You arrive at the Frontier, the border between familiar Lands and the neighbouring autonomy of Crosshill.

You are a missionary of diplomatic status, with a depeche of utmost importance that must be delivered to the local authorities post haste!

Your choices and actions will define your story and tale…

Enter Sand is the Soul, an immersive journey through a gloomy and distinct post-punk Victorian world and lore.

May the Lady of the Sand bless your journey… wherever it may lead you…

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  • Multiple​​ paths​​ to​​ reach​​ your​​ goal.
  • Branching​​ storyline.
  • Immersive​​ audiovisual​​ composition​​ which​​ brings​​ you​​ into​​ the​​ world.
  • Unique​​ moral​​ systems:​​ be​​ wary​​ of​​ your​​ actions​​ and​​ choices,​​ for​​ they​​ will​​ have consequences.
  • Unique​​ Sanity​​ system,​​ which​​ will​​ affect​​ the​​ surrounding​​ world​​ and​​ characters,​​ depending​​ on your​​ state​​ of​​ mind.
  • A living​​ lore​​ with​​ its​​ own​​ evolving​​ timeline​​ and​​ characters​​ and​​ social​​ structure.
  • Thousands​​ of​​ frames​​ of​​ handcrafted​​ animations.
  • New​​ Game​​ Plus​​ modes,​​ which​​ in​​ relation​​ to​​ the​​ Time​​ and​​ Space​​ -corrupted​​ lore-​​ will feature​​ changes​​ to​​ the​​ World.
  • The​​ long​​ lost​​ pleasure​​ of​​ ingame​​ cheats:​​ the​​ better​​ ending​​ you​​ get,​​ the​​ better​​ unlockable cheats​​ you​​ will​​ receive.
  • Find​​ and​​ solve​​ puzzles​​ to​​ create​​ shortcuts,​​ avoid​​ combat​​ or​​ other​​ opportunites.
  • Minigames​​ and​​ playable​​ arcade​​ cabinets,​​ including​​ reference​​ to​​ BBC​​ classic​​ Strikers​​ Run.
  • Dedicated Dynamic​​ Original​​ Soundtrack,​​ if you liked the​​ Sinless​​ OST, you know what to expect :)
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Ernest Hemingway was an American novelist who stood out with his economical and distinct writing style called The Iceberg Theory. He also once said, "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self”.

This statement perfectly fits the feelings I have towards my game, Sand is the Soul. It's a passion project of one person who does his best to incorporate modern souls-like game mechanics to indie retro beat'em ups. The game is nearly finished but I felt like the engine I used, Construct2, produces too many unnecessary complications for the players. That's why I decided that it's for the better to postpone the release date and port Sand is the Soul in its entirety to the more universal Unity Engine, which will surely improve the overall experience.

Sand is the Soul is coming out in Q1 of 2019 with Early Access available later this year. As the cherry on top I'll let myself reveal a little secret. The game will launch simultaneously on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, so I hope you'll find that the additional time I need for porting purposes was worth the wait.

Don't let the Sand consume you. Wait for the messenger to come and save us all.

Shutterdog: Woods of the elders

Shutterdog: Woods of the elders


Take a look at some cool concept arts, models and gifs from our game.

Sand is the Soul Devlog: The trickery of the broken mind

Sand is the Soul Devlog: The trickery of the broken mind


As the Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer Ehsan Sehgal once said: “The tricks always defeat itself in the front of the knowledge.”

Shutterdog: Crosshill Souls

Shutterdog: Crosshill Souls


Take a look at these beautiful images from behind the game development.

Sand is the Soul Devlog: Reap what you soul

Sand is the Soul Devlog: Reap what you soul


„Everything we do has a result. But that which is right and prudent does not always lead to good, nor the contrary to what is bad.”

Sweet_Lemonade - - 40 comments

This game looks so interesting. I can't wait to see more of a gameplay or a demo.

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