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Salvation Prophecy is a space epic. Four warring factions battle over control of the known galaxy. Space stations and planet colonies endure constant assault. You begin your journey as a soldier recruit. Through intense planet and space battle, your combat skills will be put to a grim test. Success is rewarded with powerful skills, combat gear, and ship upgrades, and you may rise in rank to become commander of your faction. Lurking in the dark recesses of the universe is a threat foreseen by an apocalyptic prophecy. A danger far greater than mankind's endless battles. The pursuit of the prophecy leads through distant alien worlds with deadly creatures and untold secrets. A chance for redemption, if only we find our way through that dark hour.

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Salvation Prophecy on Ubuntu
Salvation Prophecy running on Ubuntu

The native linux port of Salvation Prophecy has been released on Desura.

Lots of care was taken to support a full linux experience:

  • Robust full-screen functionality
  • Support for mouse & keyboard, joysticks, and gamepads
  • Testing on multiple distributions, on both NVidia and AMD cards
  • English and French (new!) language language settings

In other news - .Underdog Reviews has created a video review for Salvation Prophecy, included below. This video gives a good overview of the gameplay and features of Salvation Prophecy, which includes both space and planetary combat.

New gameplay trailer

New gameplay trailer

News 1 comment

A new gameplay trailer for Salvation Prophecy, composed by Nate R from over at IndieGameHQ.

Salvation Prophecy Released on Desura

Salvation Prophecy Released on Desura

News 8 comments

A space epic with four warring factions battling over control of the known galaxy.

Salvation Prophecy Released on GamersGate

Salvation Prophecy Released on GamersGate


News about the release of Salvation Prophecy, plus some new screenshots.

Salvation Prophecy:  Detailed Features

Salvation Prophecy: Detailed Features

News 1 comment

New details on the space battles, planet battles, characters, and alien worlds of Salvation Prophecy.

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this game was nice first invasion as a human landed charged the enemy positions listening to legacy by Eminem it was epic just 3 requests

- can you make an option to increase the number of units
- add more weapons because we are kind of limited to certain tactics
- add a first person view it always makes a game so much more immerse

all this would make the game go from a 9.5/10 to a 15/10
thanks for such a great game great job you deserve a few awards for this piece of art

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No clue if this is mentioned already, but would it be possible to add an option to change the army maximum size?
I really loved the game, but I was always a bit bummed at the fact that every fight I did until near the end was 20 vs 20.
I suppose the closest example I can give is the battlesize modifier of Mount&Blade.
Even before battle, it would be so amazing to have hundreds of ships surrounding you on your way to the enemy!

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Any way we get steam cd keys by chance for purchasing here? I prefer to keep the main games on one account but I had to get SP here instead of waiting...

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JabberwockyX Creator

Yes, I am actively working on this.

Reply Good karma+6 votes

If you need funding for an expansion after this gets greenlit, I suggest trying out on KickStarter if it's not already mentioned. This game is neat, and I don't see why it shouldn't get the funding.

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JabberwockyX Creator

Thanks chtakadeathcruzer -
Appreciate the advice, and vote of confidence.

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Your interaction with fans here is so good JabberwockyX, I decided to make and article on it:

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JabberwockyX Creator

Hey Hamish -
Wow thanks! For sure, I really enjoy discussing the design and gameplay of Salvation Prophecy (or any game) with people. The quality of conversation here on Desura is particularly good. For whatever reason, Desura seems to attract very smart and very cool folks.

I see from your gamingonlinux. profile that you're from Alberta. I made Salvation Prophecy while living a little further east on the prairies - Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Go Canada! :)

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Yeah, I noticed that it said you were based in Canada. Nice to see the Indie scene here heating up over the past few years.

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I played Salvation Prophecy around the time it was released. It was a really unique and intriguing experience that stuck with me. I keep thinking about it from time to time. But I really want the game to be so much more than it was. It feels like it was a very ambitious project, but that its scope had to be cut down to get into a releasable state. As a software developer, I understand how that is. As a fan, I really wish the game had lived up to its full potential. I don't suppose there are any plans for a sequel or expansion any time soon?

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JabberwockyX Creator

Hi gregfriis -
Thanks for dropping by. You're right, there were certain constraints I needed to work within because of the small budget and manpower available to me. I am very interested in doing a sequel or expansion. But it all depends on how well the game sells. Now that the game has fnially been greenlit for sale on Steam, this should be something I find out in the coming months. Desura and the other distributors I've worked with up until now are great. But Steam's giant userbase is critical for a pc game to be successful.

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go with expansion. seriously, we miss them. so sick of day 1 dlc and then little trash dlcs coming out every 2 months until i completely lose interest in ever playing the game again because i know its just a matter of time before yet another dlc is released.

if you go with expansion you get to use the framework you have already made and REALLY flesh it out, it HAS to be a huge advantage from a productivity standpoint.you can add systems that had to get cut back in, you can simply alter models to create new models, and you can polish the hell out of gameplay elements already there.

a sequel im 90% certain will get a lukewarm reception since it doesnt feel like the first game ever really matured.

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JabberwockyX Creator

I hear what you're saying, megaflux.

I learned a ton, both design and technically, from making Salvation Prophecy. It is an unusual combination of space sim / shooter / action-RPG / strategy, and getting the pieces to fit together just right was a huge challenge. There weren't many other similar games to model the design after.

There's a few design aspects I think I could nail better the second time around. Agreed, there are a bunch of core components I could reuse and expand on. But there are also a few baseline design decisions I'd like to change as well. Also, I'd love to do a much bigger universe, and include much better modding support.

Either way, if I am in a financial position to keep working on big complicated space epics, it won't be to add piddily little DLCs. :)

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I've played through the game once, and I have to say it really exceeded my expectations. Although the game suffers a bit from repetition, I feel like it's really got a good tempo; let me explain what I mean by tempo. There's always something to do, and you're (until near the end) always getting stronger in some way. The best way I could describe it is to draw comparisons to Pirates!. New mission types are introduced at a reasonable pace and keep the game interesting. Maybe you'll start out doing…

Aug 3 2012 by Ysengrim

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