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Salvation Prophecy is a space epic. Four warring factions battle over control of the known galaxy. Space stations and planet colonies endure constant assault. You begin your journey as a soldier recruit. Through intense planet and space battle, your combat skills will be put to a grim test. Success is rewarded with powerful skills, combat gear, and ship upgrades, and you may rise in rank to become commander of your faction. Lurking in the dark recesses of the universe is a threat foreseen by an apocalyptic prophecy. A danger far greater than mankind's endless battles. The pursuit of the prophecy leads through distant alien worlds with deadly creatures and untold secrets. A chance for redemption, if only we find our way through that dark hour.

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New details on the space battles, planet battles, characters, and alien worlds of Salvation Prophecy.

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Space Battles

Defending a Salvation station from attack.

At rank 2, you earn a fighter ship. You are free to fly your ship around the galaxy and dock at any station owned by your faction.

Ship Controls

Space combat is fast paced. To survive, a pilot must balance attacking, strafing and dodging enemy fire, managing energy and shields, and disabling incoming missiles with an EMP blast. Missiles can also be dodged but it is an extremely difficulty maneuver.

You have full 3D control over the motion of your ship:

  • pitch - turn up/down
  • heading - turn left/right
  • roll - turn clockwise/counter-clockwise
  • strafe thrusters - sideways motion left/right
  • speed - keep speed up or you'll be an easy target
  • engine thrust - a fast speed boost that costs energy
  • aim - aiming will fine-tune your steering controls to fire at a distant target.

You can activate these ship components:

  • weapon beams - primary weapons, must be aimed
  • guided missiles - auto-track towards your selected target
  • electromagnetic pulse - used to disable incoming missiles
  • shield generator - a limited number of shield boosts
  • engaging jump - rapid travel to a distant target
  • station teleportation device - allows teleportation to any friendly station

Ship components can be upgraded while docked. Upgrading costs cred, which must be earned by completing missions.

Planet Battles

Mech Close-up

A mech colony defender.

There are 4 factions at war:

  • the Drone Unity
  • the Free Nations
  • the Salvation
  • the Wyr

The key to galactic supremacy is to control planet resources. Factions build planet colonies to extract resources. These colonies are under constant assault from enemy forces. You will be recruited for these planet invasion missions, in which you travel by drop ship to assault an enemy colony. In these missions, your invasion force usually includes 20 troops, which must destroy the entire enemy colony and all defenses.

Colonies are heavily defended by:

  • troops
  • turrets
  • flier bombers
  • mechs

4 Playable Factions: Salvation

The Salvation are a race of mutated humans.
Their transformation occurred throughout the catastrophe of earth’s dying years.
They are fanatics, devout to a prophecy written in the book of Ascension.

Play Style

Small, nimble, and fast moving.
The most fragile of all faction's soldiers.
Most effective when played with fast reflexes and in constant motion.
Their raw damage output is lacking, but their ability to reflect bullets and drain energy makes up for this.

Salvation fighter

The Salvation fighter ships are called "Banshees".

4 Playable Factions: Free Nations

The Free Nations are the last remnant of humanity.
They are a democracy devoted to the justice and freedom of its people.
Her military is the champion of galactic law.

Play Style

Well rounded. Not the fastest, strongest, or most powerful.
However, the Free Nations have excellent weapon technology.
The blaster rifle has a rapid fire rate, at the cost of some recoil.
The electro blade, once mastered, delivers massive damage to nearby opponents.

Free Nations fighter

The Free Nations fighter ships are called "Katanas".

4 Playable Factions: Drone Unity

The Drone Unity evolved out of assault drones created during the second Galatic War.
They rebelled, and became intent on galactic supremacy.
They seek domination over their former masters.

Play Style

Powerful weapons and heavily armored, but slow moving and easy to target.
They have a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher and a deadly shredding claw.
They are the most straight forward assault-style character to play.

Drone Unity fighter

The Drone Unity fighter ships are called "Blades".

4 Playable Factions: Wyr

The Wyr were created as scientist androids.
To enhance creative thought, human DNA was fused into their neural networks.
Unfortunately, this caused the Wyr to become unpredictable, criminal, or insane.

Play Style

Quirky dialog.
Their small, hand-held gun can sometimes be a little glitchy and unreliable.
However, they take delight in throwing bombs at their enemies, with unrivaled explosive damage.
The Wyr also construct small portable turrets in battle to provide supporting fire.

Wyr fighter

The Wyr fighter ships are called "Devices".

Military Strategy

Faction Commander

By completing missions, you can rise to faction commander.
All commands are issued through the galaxy map:

  • Build new space stations
  • Colonize new planets
  • Build colony defenses
  • Build fleets
  • Build troops
  • Order fleets to attack enemy stations
  • Order troops to attack enemy colonies

galaxy map: colony command

Colony Buildings

  • Extractor - collects resources from this planet.
  • Refinery - doubles the resource collection rate on a colony
  • Barracks - construct troops to defend a colony.
  • Turret Factory - construct turrets to defend a colony.
  • Air Support - construct fliers to defend the colony.
  • Mech Factory - construct a powerful mech unit to defend a colony.
  • Observatory - detect launched fleets anywhere in this colony's system.

Space Station Commands:

  • Construct troop
  • Construct fighter ship
  • Construct battleship
  • Launch fleet to attack enemy station
  • Launch troops to attack enemy colony

Alien Planet Exploration

planet Alaydro

You will be recruited on missions to explore wormholes to new galaxies. You will be the first explorer to set foot on these planets. You are solo on these missions, and will face hostile alien creatures.

A prophecy has foretold of an ancient evil that will consume humankind and all earth's descendants. The prophecy tells of awakening long dead beings, keepers of magical runes. These alien planets may hold the secret to our salvation.


This game just keeps looking more and more promising...

Hope the gameplay holds up better than Mount & Blade

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