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Resurgence is a Action RPG set in Earth's future, following an alien invasion that almost left mankind extinct. Pilot a R.A.V MK II, Earth's most advanced fighting system ever created, a remote robotic extension of a human’s mind. As a new member of Earth United’s elite fighting force, you now have access to the arena, where you are to mesh with your R.A.V and train to defend humanity from an unyielding threat from the stars. Danger is at the edges of our Solar System.

  • Arena Mode: Fight in Squads of up to 4 against endless waves of enemies honing your skills
  • Orion Class: A Ranged model of Robotic Assault Class (First Class Available in Resurgence)
  • Loot System a way to gain Item Levels increasing the stats of your gear ENDLESSLY!
  • Every 10th wave contains a final test, an elite unit meant to test you and your team’s skill
  • 2 unique Enemy Types (Rusher and Ranged)
  • 2 Elite Versions of above Enemy Types
  • Easy to Join Multiplayer games
  • Invite your friends to play with you through Steam, your adventure awaits......
  • Future installments that will take you and your team into the vast void seeking honor through victory.
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Hey guys we are giving away 1,000 keys of our game, Resurgence: Earth United! Our game is a co-op wave survival game with fully customizable armor, boss fights, tons of guns, and endless waves of enemies!

Resurgence is an action RPG, where you dawn humanity's "armor" of the future. Teams of 4 can enter Earth's new Colosseum and Pilot the R.A.V MK II to fight endless waves slowly becoming the wall that stands between humanity and our would be destroyers from the stars.

Gameplay and features:

  • Fight in Squads of up to 4 against endless waves of enemies honing your skills
  • Loot System to reward you by increasing the power of your gear
  • Easy to Join Multiplayer games via Steam invite
  • Three complete armor sets to collect
  • Both ranged and melee enemy types
  • Epic boss fights every 10th wave

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Future updates graphic

Resurgence: Earth United is in Early access right now and we are listening closely to the community and we have a lot of updates planned for the future such as:

  • Multiple classes to play
  • Different game modes
  • Maps in new locations
  • New boss encounters
  • More enemy types

Our Community Discord is the best place to keep up to date on all the news and to find people to play multiplayer games with! You also get instant access to us developers to answer all your questions and provide you with the best tips & tricks to help you survive as many waves as possible!


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