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-------------- I apologize in advance for my bad english, it's not my native language :p --------------

Flag Rush is a third person capture flag's developpe in UE4 in blueprints.

The game is always in developpent, I do all the game alone with the help of my viewers for their good ideas and their help for the UI.

I have begin to work on Flag Rush, 2 months ago. At the first I only want to try my self to the networking on UE4 then my friends tell me to make little game and now i try to make my own multiplayer game.

Flag Rush is a futurist capture flag (TRON style) where you can select your class.

For the moment there are :

- The Engineer : you can put a mine who freeze your ennemy and a sentinel who hit a projectil which will follow your ennemy during 20 sec.

- The Rogue : He can be invisible and put mine who bump your ennemy.

- The Ranger : He can make the big jump/rush every 5 seconds and can put teleporters (a blue and a red, the blue teleport the player to the red) and he has a radar that allows him to see the other players through the map

Every class have 3 commun spell :

- The sound wave's spell who bump your ennemy and steal the flag if the ennemy touched has the flag.

- The supper crossbow you can hit 3 projectilles with a crossbow and if the ennemy touched has flag you can steal him the flag too.

- The last was the big jump/Rush you can make a rlly big jump and right click to rush to the direction that you look.

At the moment you have 3 maps (the first is not rlly a map but you can play on it :p ) and two games modes :

- The first game mode is the "classical" you have to keep the flag during 60 seconds

- The second game mode is the "capsule mode" you are the last map with flying platforms and you have to capture the flag and go with it in the red capsule which change to a random location each 25 seconds

For the moment the game is connect to Steam it is not published on ! I just use the Steam's API to make the connections enter the players. So if you want to play with a friend (for the moment) you have to have the same download's region. The first one just click on "Host Party" and the other on "Join party" a server list will appear, just click on what party you want to join !! ;)

Special thanks to all my viewers and my friends who test my game and help me a loooottt !

And at Rama for his plug-in (Victory plug-in) and at his tutorial and the blueprint's keybinding system.

If you want to change the map open the console command with "²" and writte :

If you are in solo :

open ThirdPersonMapExample (classic mode)

open Plat_Void_Map (classic mode)

open Fly_plat_Map (capsule mode)

If you are in multiplayer the host of the partty has to writte :

servertravel ThirdPersonMapExample (classic mode)

servertravel Plat_Void_Map (classic mode)

servertravel Fly_plat_Map (capsule mode)

I try to stream the developpent of my game on my twitch channel Palarradu03.

PS : If you don't see the person you want to join try to add him in friend but normally you have not to do that :)

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Flag Rush : Install, gameplay and shortcut

Other Tutorial

To play the game you have just to download extract it and launch "third_person.exe". You MUST launch Steam before launch the game or you will have an error when you want to host or join a party. If you want to join someone you have to have the same download region (Steam -> Settings -> Download -> Region of Download )

You can press U to change when you want your pseudo and you class.
You can press B to open the menu with graphics settings and change the keybinding or leave the game
If you press TAB the scoreboard will appear.

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Flag Rush v1.8.8

Flag Rush v1.8.8


The last version (ATM) is the v1.8.8 don't forget to launch Steam before launch the game !!!

Palarra Creator

So actually I try to learn some C++ to make better the keybinding system :)

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Palarra Creator

Sorry i have just forgot to translate in english the state of the flag, I will do it now for the next version ! ;) (All the game will be in english )

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