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Marked by the remnants of war, an overpopulated world is guided towards extinction. From the ashes rises new life, a second chance, granted to mankind by the work of the Creators, god-like entities that brought technological advancement beyond the reaches of human imagination. But it all crumbled when they vanished... and in their stead, the iron fisted rule of the Conclave took place. Inevitably, the seeds of rebellion signed the downfall of the Conclaves' tyrannical rule... but this didn't lead to peace either. To this day, the two rebellious groups, the Exiles and the Descendents, fight a never ending war that many have forgotten by now... but many still suffer from. But now, as a new threat arises from the shadows of the past, so too does a faint glimpse of hope.

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Teodor 3D Model - Dev Log #3


Hey there!

This week I worked on making Teodor’s model. You would’ve seen the updates first on Twitter and Instagram @chavaloart *cough* *cough*

And well, I’m very proud of the end result!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I started by making an ugly base mesh first, with the correct proportions taken from the concepts.

89840440 1876398239328226 789086

Eww, I know.

But this was very helpful, as now I could just sculpt away.

89691418 2393841194240213 656280

89849183 579473442918028 4104659

This also happened. Which is beautiful.

89734849 280556566263329 4550311

He was fully naked at this point and it was time to change this.

89814898 2662955717266703 447406

I sculpted the clothes, always using reference. And if you want something specific, you can take pictures of it. Just don’t show them to anyone on the internet or in real life.

If you're wondering, I'm using PureRef - it's perfect for art reference and even has a “always on top” feature.

89849189 214522403262935 729800189806144 639462576849255 1477893

Now for the final, most painful step - retopology!

89904626 196727848432084 7747812
89925842 626203091280071 8431899


Now my boy is ready to be rigged - you know the deal:

Follow me to stay tuned:

Twitter and Insta: @chavaloart / Youtube: Chavalo

Teodor Concept Art - Dev Log #2

Teodor Concept Art - Dev Log #2


Hello guys. In this development log, you’ll get to see some of my thought process behind the Teodor concepts, and how they have changed.

An introduction to Re-Creation - Dev Log #1

An introduction to Re-Creation - Dev Log #1


Hello gamers. In this log, I will introduce the game I'm developing, called Re-Creation. As you'll see below, it already had history and I'll try to fill...

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