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It is a story about a ruthless war that destroyed the planet and had put an end to human civilisation.
Many years after the war, one of the last human on earth wakes up.

Her name is Rin, she is a battle mech pilot, and she was frozen in an underground facility until this day.
With her new friend Lem, who is trapped in a mechanic body since long gone war, and her ancient but still deadly battle mech "Raven".

Time has come for her to explore a new world, with all dangers and adventures. There are going to be furry foxies, cybernetic sharks, elephant sized destroyer mechs and many many other 110 % cool things !


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Guess who this guy might be =) Sketchfab.com



Just look at all those blendshapes


When modelling always check any vertex after making symmetry. Miss any and you will have to remake all 40+ blendshapes again, lol.

And of course a personal minion of that guy above. Can a bad guy exist without his personal slaves ? Nope, i dont think so. Sketchfab.com


Very very important warning. THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION



Next is a little wip. One of the close combat hunter girls. Strong opponent when in mech, instakill when on foot.


As demo came out a bit boring, now we are completly reworking a fighting system. Gon be tons of new animations and fighting patterns very soon. Stay tuned ;)

6 things we are going to do in Raven Red

6 things we are going to do in Raven Red

News 3 comments

Trying out new places with mech, enemies are a placeholder yet.

Raven Red outside world work in progress

Raven Red outside world work in progress

News 8 comments

Some crazy mutated nature is right here ! Check the video.

Raven Red  new environment stuff

Raven Red new environment stuff

News 4 comments

Unlighted, unshaded, just a previews from 3ds max.

Raven Red Few content updates

Raven Red Few content updates

News 4 comments

First tests results and some new stuff i made for second level.

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TheLeadHead - - 364 comments

Did it dead? :(

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,099 comments

Is this going to be like a VR exploration game?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
zagmodell Creator
zagmodell - - 35 comments

Well, not at all =)

Lets see, what we have and what is planned at this moment:
Its is going to be a story driven shooter/adventure game.
The fighting system is simple but mixed, you either a melee fighter as a main character, or inside a flying\gliding machine wich fights in melee and shoots.
You will need to scavange and fight to find new weapons and upgrade your mech, so you can move further in game.
The world will be filled with characters with their own stories and quests beside main storyline.
We also planned very simple crafting system for creating consumables that will help in the ffight.

Its very few of us so the progress is slow. Thats why most updates are graphics only.
Though you made me think the description is kinde misleading and needs some work =)

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Jetcutter - - 755 comments

It do look good! Butt and all, lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 688,627 comments

love the style of this, simply can't wait to play, thanks for making games sir!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
zagmodell Creator
zagmodell - - 35 comments

Did not expect to hear anything like this, but thanks a lot ! =)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Jerkakame - - 818 comments

nice butt

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Jonex. - - 567 comments


And yeah great looking game!

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_-Caleb-_ - - 57 comments

Wow! UR game looks great!

It well be released also in PC/Linux/MAC?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
zagmodell Creator
zagmodell - - 35 comments

i guess we will release it on everything Unity provides to the time of the release =) Right now the only goal is a polished shiny sparkly little demo with all features to show the idea and visuals of our bright and colorful post-apocalyptic world.

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