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PB3D Is the ONLY MMOFPS game out there based on a rapidly growing sport, Paintball! It is a MMOFPS based on the thing that makes paintball so great, the people that play it! A community-driven, community oriented game, it is made by paintballers, for paintballers. Of course, this does not mean you cannot play! We welcome all to experience the great sport that is paintball, in its second truest form...3D! We are currently working towards a tech demo, which will demonstrate the engines capabilities, and prove that PB3D is alive and kicking! Please sign up at the forums at Pb3d.net and add our moddb profile to your watch list as it will be updated weekly with all the latest information!

The current development team is as follows:

  • +Speedballer - Project Leader, Head Programmer
  • +Mike_D - Head Modeler/Skinner
  • +Mattalorian - GUI's
  • +KornMuphin - Website Manager, Moddb Profile Manager, Forum Admin, Game Official, Sound Designer

There is always room for more help! If you can model, code, skin, texture, or do anything else you think would be of value to the PB3D team, make sure to sign up at pb3d.net and send a PM to Speedballer!

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PB3D Coming Along Nicely


Tons of work has been done since the last update, it is almost too much to post here, so I will just post the important points....

-Working on main zone right now. Cleaned out some stuff that we didn't need. WE are also restricting the area of the zone now that we have our layout ready. Also cleaned up some scripts that were causing server issues.

-Matt made 6 new sets of players cloths, and we added some new beards, hair styles, and faces.

Mike is still working on the netting issues.

We have a new member to the team, and an old one is interested in rejoining.

I added the wall to the new main zone so that we can begin creating the city, as well as cleaned up some code.

-Well work on pb3d is continuing.
This week i'm hoping to get the main server stable, the bank running, store, trainer, and maybe a field or to.
No guns yet, sorry

-We got the netting texture to final work!!!
This bug has been bugging us for awhile now, It's nice to see it finally fixed.

-The latest server stability test we have been online for over an hour with several people. This is a big improvement over the restart everytime someone logged in.

-Been working alot at my real job over the last few days, but we havent had one server reset over the past 3 days with alot of private testers.
Think we found the bug that was crashing the server

-Created a new installer for those of you who wanted icons on your desktop
Just reinstall by clicking download at the top of the screen.
(When we're testing of course.)

And that's all we have. Lots of work is being completed every day. Please drop by pb3d.net and sign up on the forums for more updates, and to be able to participate in our next test!




PB3D is coming along nicely, all the work that has been as of yet has been put up here, add us to your watch list for weekly updates.

RequiemLux - - 2,600 comments


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Airwave08 - - 27 comments

really nice :-)

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cje1 - - 42 comments


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tàkùrì - - 93 comments

ill be watching every update 8-]

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Carnage17 - - 542 comments

Keep it up my children... :D

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