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A free-running game for the PS Vita. Designed from the ground up for a portable next-gen social experience.

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Hey-o. Just a quick update from my end, going to be showing off some of the new texture and animation work by the team. I'm sure some of you are a little confused as to why there's guns in a freerunning game, so I'm also going to be giving a little introduction to what Cobalt Runner will evolve into.

PixelGhost logo

Our team has taken the name PixelGhost Studios, but enough about the superficial stuff. Cobalt Runner is evolving into a community-based freerunning first-person-shooter. The game is open to modding. You will be able to create your own weapons, gamemodes, and maps via the same development pipeline and tools that we have used to create our maps and assets, as well as host your own servers and build a community of your own around them. Gamemodes shipped with the title will include deathmatch, CTF, a Splinter Cell-like infiltration/defend, with others to added in the future.

Without giving too much away, here's a quick video of some of our progress in terms of animations and visual effects. This was recorded on the PC build due to lack of recording tools for the Vita, but the Vita version looks identical if not better due to the fantastic OLED screen. In the coming weeks, I'd like to do a voiced-over video of the engine running on a Vita, highlighting some main features of the engine and game.

Thanks for watching!

*Please note, we are still looking for a talented 3D character artist. Send a PM to Breadsticks (click) if you are interested in filling this vacancy.

Hiring artists!

Hiring artists!

News 7 comments

Looking for artists, specifically a character artist, to help push the game to the next level!

Cobalt Revival!

Cobalt Revival!

News 14 comments

With the release of the PS Vita and the SDK to go with it, I've taken it upon myself to bring this project back for the new handheld.

New site!

New site!


A new site has been added for all of you to bookmark, hehe!

Wallrunning ~ Tech 5 and hirings.

Wallrunning ~ Tech 5 and hirings.

News 25 comments

Shows off the new horizontal wallrun I added into Cobalt Runner. Lets you run along the wall, then jump off the wall by pressing L. Pressing R does a...

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TheDebonairNomad - - 2,713 comments

This had some real promise.

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ScatterBox - - 306 comments

For some reason I come back to this page everyday... maybe I'm just caught up in the idea of it.. :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
D1_Flashbang - - 1 comments

Is this game dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dromaeosaurus - - 92 comments

looks like it was gonna be such a good game :(

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Dromaeosaurus - - 92 comments

You could give us a build? I need a good FPS on the PS Vita.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Balfias - - 64 comments

Its sad to see this game dead and quite funny that its still one of the top on the psp section.

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x24sonic - - 29 comments

It's discouraging to see that the last update was over a year ago.

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ivo89 - - 4 comments

this is the best looking game ive seen

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Guest - - 692,931 comments

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iamzeuz - - 56 comments

on youtube it has a lot more info on this game. one vid showed wallrunning.:)

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dr_mabuse1981 - - 1,253 comments

the youtube videos were from the never released psp version.

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