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Foreign Entity is an open world 3D animal MMORPG and single player game, a reboot of KovuLDK’s original game Impressive Title (with direct permission to upgrade the game and get it on Steam to expand the audience). In the game, you can play as a variety of different species, the combinations are endless! We have a feature-packed character creation system, and then the game itself features a critter system, when you kill different critters you can get items to wear on your character! What items will you collect? There’s over 300 of them, after all! There’s plenty of other features as well!

Our Steam Greenlight page is here, it would mean a lot to me for you to Vote Yes!

Please comment and give us your opinion on the game - What you would like us to add, what we should change, etc. Please use positive criticism - negative comments only will be deleted.

What can I do in Foreign Entity?

-Wield powerful spells on your character

-Get skills from the critters you kill

-Get rare items from the critters you kill

-Over 300 different items!

-Tame the critters in the game to follow you!

-Fun ways to enjoy the game with your friends

-Party system

-PvP System

-Upgrade your character’s stats with different items

-Get your own cubs to obey your will! (Riveting!)

-Over 100 complex maps to explore!

-MANY more features coming soon!

-Created by a VERY small team of hobbyists. (Literally only two people, man.)

Check out the gameplay video for more information!

Currently our game looks like this:

(No seriously the game is higher quality than this, we resized everything in Microsoft paint because we lazy)

Start Menu (WIP)

User Posted Image

1 screen of character creation (there are like 4 seperate screens but here have 1)

Obviously the background needs changing.

And here is an in game screenshot

As you see there is a health and mana bar at the top (red bar health, blue bar mana) and a weird looking bar with buttons on it at the bottom right hand corner. Doing spells will take away your mana, so once you hit 0 you can't make any more spells until you use an item that restores it.

Those orange glowing circles in the top right is inside the mini map (obviously) and represent portals which take you to other maps.

Lastly here is an example of a load of items on the character (yes there is a plate of fruit on the head)

Moving onto maps, here are some examples of the 100+ we have.

If you thought we were all fantasy-nature-like then you're wrong.

And a human mask from 'Delicious Bananas' 'Happy Chair' 'Mountain Dew' and 'Endangered Toilet' critters found in MLG map.

12 of the 312 items you can get in game.

You earn items by attacking and killing critters.

We aim to finish the single player aspect of the game before the game releases in mid 2016.

Updated 03/02/2016 15:35 UK

We're now in the midst of working on a 'Story Mode' (aka Single Player) mode for those who would prefer to play on their own following a story. We have the buttons fixed up on the main menu and it will work in acts/chapters up to 6. The most challenging part for us will be to make cinematic cutscenes (it's possible and we've done it, but it's taking a long while). There should be screenshots coming soon.

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Looks nice. Your greenlight link is gone, though.

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