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In outerlands Guilds you are in charge of newly formed mercenary guild and need to complete quests with your mercenary parties in a random generated world to expand your business. This game is in development - Join our Discord for updates!

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The Game


Outerlands Guilds

Outerlands Guilds is a Turn-Based Strategy game that feature a procedural generated world and focus on party mangament.

You are in charge of newly formed mercenary guild, you can buy licence to build new branches in any settlement, that enable you to access the quest board where local NPC will task you with quest to complete their objective.

The World

World Map

The game world is randomly generated for each new game, so you will never play two time in the same world.

You can travel through different biomes and encounter different kingdoms along the way, you will decide if you want to open a new business in their settlements or stay neutral.

The Parties

Immagine 2022 10 12 152448

You can recruit new characters for your guild if you own a licence in any settlement, with them you can create how many parties you want, but you can bring a max of 6 characters in battle, the rest will be in the reserves.

There is no class or any other restriction to equipment so feel free to experiment your favourite build.

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The Combat

Immagine 2022 10 13 100355

The battlefield is made of grid of 9x3 tiles, you will face a diverse roster of enemies going from lowly armored bandits to Heavy Knights.

Weapons have different damage types and at armors have different resistances to these types, so the same weapon attack can have very different results based on the enemy you are facing, for example the blunt damage from a mace will probably pass through an heavy armor and deal direct damage but will deal less to a light armored opponent.

Other than that every character can set a maximum of 4 skills (active and passive) to use during the combat they can improve its performace or enable new attack options.

Skills are unlocked when a certain level of profency with a weapon type is reached, these levels are increase each time a weapon or armor is used in combat, some characters have a favourite profency that make them increase it faster but any character can learn any skill.

Join the Discord Community

Join the Discord Community


Join the official discord server to talk with the community

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Outerlands Guilds v0.0.9

Outerlands Guilds v0.0.9


Fixed some tutorial typos, fixed loading not working

Outerlands Guilds v0.0.7

Outerlands Guilds v0.0.7


Playable Demo v0.0.7 - Add a new Optional Tutorial feature to help new players - Add new customization option for characters

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