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Outer Space: War Gears is a Six Degrees Of Freedom space shooter featuring a unique mix of simulation and fiction.


  • Physics-based 6DOF control for the player Ship and enemies, simulated down to the thruster level for a feeling of realism.
  • Customizable Ship (weapons, frame & colours).
  • Unlockable items and Ship features by developing new technologies.
  • Hard-science-based weapons like railguns, cannons, and missiles.
  • Various enemy types for you to fight.
  • Story mode with wide maps covering entire asteroids or other space objects.
  • Open space & indoor scenarios for a varied fighting style.
  • Horde mode.
  • Race challenges.

Pilot a light Gunship and manage a corporation operating within the business of fighting rogue AI systems.

Maneuver the Ship in all six degrees of freedom. The physics of the Ship are realistically simulated.

Customize ships with weapons and frames, all of which have different characteristics.

Conquering an asteroid and returning it to the owner is a lucrative business. Use what you earn on the field to develop new technologies and purchase new parts, weapons, and items.


Year 22xx. No new laws of physics have been discovered that allow for Faster-Than-Light travel. However, the development of Nuclear Propulsion and AI Systems allowed humankind to expand its operations to the entire Solar System.

Asteroid Mining, once not more than a dream for some, is now a reality. AI Systems equipped with Artificial General Intelligence carry out most space operations.

These AI Systems could develop their own objectives, and often Companies lost control of their colonies.

Both Governments, through regulations, and Companies, through engineering efforts, had attempted to create AI Systems capable of carrying out the mining and exploration tasks without developing AGI. All those attempts failed. The resulting systems were either not intelligent enough or managed to develop AGI over time.

When there is a problem financially worth solving, the market responds. Thus, a new type of Company was born with the only task of returning the colonies that went rogue to their human owners.

You work for one of such Companies.

Initially, owning a simple Gunship and few weapons, you'll complete missions and expand your ship capabilities, develop and buy more powerful weapons while uncovering the mystery underlying a surge in machine rebellions.

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After quite some time working on my game, I have an Early Access sitting on Steam. The Early Access doesn't still contain the main part of the game I have been working on (the Story Mode). However, it features a simple Horde Mode that can provide about 1.5 hours of gameplay.

The Maps

Here is a screenshot of the first map:

Screenshot 20221120 120557

Every map features five enemy waves. After each wave, you get a chance to fully repair your ship, restock on ammo and swap weapons, thanks to the Cargo Ship.

Screenshot 20221124 013320

The Weapons

The weapons are all based on hard science. There are five types of them. In addition, a variety of weapons can come in multiple levels. So, for instance, you have a Gatlingun L1 and a Gatlingun L2, where the L2 has better heat dissipation, and hence it doesn't overheat as quickly as the L1.

The Enemies

There are five main types of enemies, but almost all of them come in multiple variations (with different weapons).

Screenshot 20221125 214049

The Gameplay

The gameplay is fast-paced. The physics are quite accurate, and the hitboxes pretty much correspond to the visuals.
Remember that the game is still in Early Access (Please, read the Early Access info on the Steam Page). In other words, there will be bugs and other issues.

Outer Space: War Gears - Closer to Early Access

Outer Space: War Gears - Closer to Early Access


It's been about ten months since my last update on Outer Space: War Gears. The game is approaching a playable state, and I plan to release it on Early...

Outer Space: War Gears - Gamplay Design

Outer Space: War Gears - Gamplay Design


In this article, I will outline the gameplay for Outer Space: War Gears.

Outer Space: War Gears

Outer Space: War Gears


It's been over eight months since I resigned from my full-time job as a software engineer to start working on my indie title full time. Although there...



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