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Edge of Eternity is an indie tribute inspired by the great JRPG traditions of turn-based combat and character progression and the success of western RPG elements including vast open worlds to explore along with non-linear stories. Choose your destiny as you live a rich stirring adventure driven by the choices you make along the way!

The peaceful world of Heryon is threatened by an alien civilization that have invaded the world, they bring with them a disease who turn people and animals to metal monsters.

The hero, Daryon, hunted by his own people must discover his origins and save the universe from collapsing.

We need feedbacks to improve our project, we want to create it for gamers !

The game will be available on :

PC / Xbox One / PS4

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A new intermediate chapter is coming!

In addition to Chapter VI, the November update will come with a "0.5" Chapter taking place between Daryon's desertion and Elon Village.

Instead of skipping the path to his mother’s house, you will be the one to make the journey, get a first peek at the open world, familiarise yourself with the game mechanics, and have time to digest the exposure from the dense chapter 0.

Coming with this, we also want to introduce Nekaroos earlier in the adventure, even if your Nekaroo will remain in this area you will be able to enjoy the joy of playing with the cutest pet!

Here is a sneak peek 😉

As for Chapter VI, it will be coming in November as planned!

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Edge Of Eternity - Gamescom 2020

Edge Of Eternity - Gamescom 2020


Tonight is the start of the Gamescom 2020! Be prepared for this virtual event and join us at the Indie Arena Booth once it opens!

Edge Of Eternity - Roadmap & Consoles Announcement

Edge Of Eternity - Roadmap & Consoles Announcement


We have great news for you concerning the game's roadmap & consoles announcement!

Edge Of Eternity - Beta Release

Edge Of Eternity - Beta Release


Edge Of Eternity is entering its Beta phase! This new update brings a huge amount of polish to the existing game, from fixing bugs to cleaning-up animation...

New Dynamic Events

New Dynamic Events

News 1 comment

We are expanding our Dynamic Events system for the Beta! You will now be able to complete unique quests by simply walking across Herelsor and Solna plains...

DerKommissar - - 435 comments

Can you customize your party like in Pillars of Eternity?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
YusufStoneD152 - - 73 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
raindev04 - - 142 comments

Sorry but is the project still on or..?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MagnaGamer - - 17 comments

Hope to hear from this game very soon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RandomiseUser - - 22 comments

I really enjoyed playing the demo and, while the menus etc are not super-slick yet, the gameplay already feels fully formed and encourages you to explore and play more. I admit I'm not very good at the battle encounters in these kinds of RPG, maybe additional guidance for new players could be good? Here's a quick first impressions video of the demo: Youtube.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
alimux - - 53 comments

look nice, just polish a litte bit animation, but there is a good start for a good game !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Monydragon - - 18 comments

looking like a really good start!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ultimoore - - 145 comments

Very excited about Edge of Eternity coming to SteamOS / Linux. Will the Midgar Studios utilize the Steam controller?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Desulishor - - 8 comments

Hey, any info on the full cast of playable characters? Not to offend anyone, but the two charas shown in the video feel quite generic and so far there is no information as to how their personalities will be and so on.

For myself, one of the biggest motivations for playing the J-RPG genre have always been the characters, not only their backstories but also how they interact with each other. (FF6, FF9, and the Tales of -series are great examples here, IMO.) dunno of the general opinion, but I for one, wouldn't support a project before I knew that the charas and their stories, their input to main storyline were something to look forward to.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
MidgarStudio Creator
MidgarStudio - - 13 comments


The models are still work in progress the video only showcase a early prototype, we have little funds atm before Kickstarter we did our best to prove to everyone that we can do an amazing game with the matching fund. We did beautifull drawings that will be available on the Kickstarter that will represent more the characters and their personnality, there is 7 playable characters in Edge of Eternity and each have his strong personnality and story it's the most important thing in a J-RPG and we will never forget it !

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