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A simple and fun strategy game, displayed on a small window to play at anytime! Buy and comand your units in order to defeat your oponent's units. Experiment with various mechanics and different gamemodes! #action #arcade #retro #pointnclick #puzzle #other #altgame #demo #earlyaccess #idle

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Finally after a lot of time and effort put into this game, you can finally experience it on indieDB and Gamejolt, by free!
Do you want to know what this game is all about? Read more here!

Micro Soldiers, a turn based tactics strategy game, where you can play at any time, in a small window floating in your screen.

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Use your army of Micro Soldiers to defeat various waves of enemy units. You can move and attack at any time you want.

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Earn money as you progress and buy various types of units that will let you create new strategies.

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There are 70 levels to explore, wich you can unlock at any order after winning a key by completing a level.

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Completed all the levels? No worries, there are a few surprises here and there to discover...

Oh, and some screenshots? Here you go!

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 2 SCALED

Screenshot 4 SCALED

Micro Soldiers has been developed and published by Gemu Meika. Full version will be releasing on June 22nd, 2023.

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#action #arcade #retro #pointnclick #puzzle #other #altgame #demo #earlyaccess #idle #madewithfusion #new #indiedev #indie #survival #shooter #strategy #microsoldiers

Micro Soldiers Demo

Micro Soldiers Demo


Micro Soldiers has just released it's page on IndieDB, and as well, a Trailer dropped on Youtube with the release date of the game, so go watch it now!

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Micro Soldiers Full Game

Micro Soldiers Full Game

Full Version

This is the full game! Download now! - Added Languages: English US/UK, Spanish Spain/Chile, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), French, Indonesian. - Full...

Micro Soldiers Demo

Micro Soldiers Demo


Fight your way into various levels, develop strategies to take down the oponent, buy and stock new units and unlock new things as you play.

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