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Master Arena closes a chapter of old school arena shooters to open a new one with a fresh gameplay more tactical and fun. Accessible to everyone, Master Arena is easy to handle and satisfying to play. Duel, deathmatch, free-for-all, capture the flag, and more, Master Arena invites you to join arenas from 2 to 30 players. And that's not all. The game includes offline modes support, online dedicated servers + LAN support, and a map editor with Steam Workshop! It's time to frags! Welcome to Master Arena!


  • PERKS SYSTEM - The modes can be played like old-school modes or with a unique perks system. There are currently 9 perks from healing your teammates to turning invisible without forgetting flashbangs, smoke, or freon grenades.
  • DODGE BASED MOVEMENTS - Master Arena has a dodge based movements’ gameplay. Mastering dodges and wall-dodges give you a speed advantage to jumping around maps.
  • 6 GAME MODES - Duel, deathmatch, team deathmatch, free-for-all (up to 30 players), capture the flag and trial.
  • MAPS - 9 maps available and more under development.
  • DEDICATED SERVERS - To ensure the best way to enjoy the game, dedicated servers are a must. Any users/community or server providers are free to start a dedicated server.
  • CROSSHAIRS - Compose your crosshairs directly from the main menu.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE HUD - Change the size and transparency of your HUD.
  • SET UP TEAMMATES AND OPPONENTS COLORS -Set up two colors of your choice among the one suggested for each team.
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Free-To-Play announcement


Hello Humans! 🤖

We are glad to announce the FREE TO PLAY release on MAY 27th!
Meanwhile, you can play Master Arena through the demo or the full version if you already own it.
What about the game update? It is a technical update as follows:

- The game, standalone, allows running the game and hosting custom servers.
- The Maps Editor: It will be available in Steam tools. This will avoid any confusion between the game and map editor packages.
- The official dedicated server application (official maps only): This is an optimized version. This one uses less RAM (less than 500MB, less space on your disk (less than one GB), and less CPU.
- Some online servers are now available.

You can find a dedicated server tutorial on MasterArena.com.
We're also working on future dev talk. Meanwhile, let's check our dev talk on IA : Youtu.be.

Stay tuned, join discord, and see you soon.

Master Arena Dev Team.




It's time for us to publish on Steam Greenlight ! Feel free to vote now for us :) Thanks for your help !


Thank you for the chance to win a key :)

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Thanks for a giveaway!

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