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Lord Mayor is a real-time strategy game with a vintage aesthetic that plays like a cross between a puzzler and a city builder. You play a newly minted Gentleman who is challenged to build cities that meet the demands of His Majesty the King. You are given a limited amount of time and resources, and must place buildings carefully to optimize their yield and promote various qualities on which the city is judged.

Each level is a new city that must be built from scratch, and each presents varying terrain and victory conditions. As you conquer each level you are promoted through the ranks toward the ultimate title of Lord Mayor.


  • Fifteen unique, procedurally generated levels.
  • Twenty nine different building types and nine different terrain types.
  • Manage imports and exports to maximize the city's chances of success.
  • Victorian era user interface provides a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Features a soundtrack containing Classical works released under Creative Commons.


Created on nights and weekends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lord Mayor is one guy's first attempt at game development. The game will initially be submitted to Steam Greenlight with iOS and Android versions to follow.

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The highly anticipated launch of Lord Mayor on Steam Greenlight is now here. Head on over to the Lord Mayor page and show your support by voting for the game.

Lord Mayor for sale on itch.io

Lord Mayor for sale on itch.io


The community's latest realtime strategy game is now available for purchase.

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