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Lawless America, where everyone owns a gun and always shoots to kill. It looks like the 70s, but not the 70s we know; the apocalypse has not happened, but law and true civilized living have not been found. Science continues to prosper, businesses are still open, but everything, in the end, is settled in bullets.

You are Rex, and your dream since you were a kid was to open a game store, and here's your chance! With scrap in one hand and a wrench in the other, you've built some shelving units out of the parts from the nearby landfill (I'm sure no one will notice the smell), and are ready to get started!

You've put the finishing touches on your auto targeting turret, that you've lovingly named Turdy, and have a nice big box of ammo. Time to buy some games, fill the shelves, and open the doors!

Run your store during the day, keeping customers happy, the place looking nice, and games on the shelf.

When night rolls around you'll just need to make sure Turdy's fueled and ammoed up to mow down the bandits coming in to ruin your business!

Come on in and "Buy This Game!"

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As executive producer I am making the bold announcement that we are releasing an early access version of our game on 4/30/2019! The team's reaction was as expected; it's a tight deadline! But I'm confident in my team. We're actually doing a pre-early access, which really will just look like a spruced up prototype.

With that in mind, I want to share some of our character modeling progress.

shop keeper T pose textured crop

Meet Rex, he's who you'll be playing as in the early access release, a kooky inventor gone video game store owner. With this model, you can see the aesthetic direction of the game of a whole. Rex has the honor of being our first completed model. He's so proud. And his animations are coming along as well.

Now to meet the misfits you'll be defending your store against: the bandits (aka: them dirty bandits)!

Melee Bandit Posed

The melee bandit! Careful or he'll hit you with his wrench. The melee bandit is the lowest level bandit. It shouldn't take too much to gun him down, if you can... he's so cute. This guy was actually animated before texturing, and we learned that's not the way to do it (thoughts?).

pistol bandit model no texture c

Next is the pistol bandit. He fits more into the stereotypical 'bandit' mold. This guy has some strategy. He will hide behind your shelves and try to pick off your turret; he'll only be able to be hit when he peeks, but still this bandit is nothing for our shopkeeper to be worried about.

solder bandit model no texture c

Now, we introduce a specialty bandit. She looks so innocent. She won't, though, after she equips her solder gun! To make matters trickier, she's not gunning for the store owner; she's after your games! This little lady will go straight for your most profitable game and try to desolder it. What a jerk! Make sure you take time to aim at this one, or you'll lose your profits.


And we wouldn't want to forget the unsung hero of every game: the assets that fill a room. This particular asset will be front and center and will be up-gradable. This thing doesn't just need to hold games, but keep those bandits at bay! The player will be able to upgrade both armor and storage capacity.

Do you want to see more bandits? Do you want to be featured as one? We are actually holding a costume contest on our Facebook page this month. The winner will be modeled as a bandit in the game! We thought it was something we'd all like to do, so maybe our community would as well.

Make sure you keep a close watch on our studio, Hwy 21. We want to be held to a high standard, and timely releases. We want advice, suggestions, ideas, improvements and anything else you want to throw at us. If you're on our indieDB page jump on the forums and start lighting them up! Looking forward to hearing from you and building an awesome early access build!

New beginnings: Getting a great start

New beginnings: Getting a great start


Sometimes you have to start over; sometimes you just need to start. Wouldn't it be nice to know how?

The beginning of Buy This Game!

The beginning of Buy This Game!


A little about the game, and a look at where we are currently.

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