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Legendary Journeys: The Eye of Baal

An old man's son deviously encased by magic. Too old to continue his search for the Tears of Baal, the four pieces when brought together form the Eye of Baal, he searches for someone in Ebbon to help him free his son. His previous champion lies dead at you and your companion's feet with a note.

Explore the world of Ebbon in search of the four ancient artifacts that are The Eye of Baal in an attempt to free the magically encased son of a father who is no longer able to carry out his quest. Create a personalized party of adventurers to carry out this task.

Throughout your adventures, you will encounter mythical beasts and devious puzzles. Your party will gain in knowledge and power through training and combat.

The game is influenced by the Might and Magic series, Everquest, and Dungeons & Dragons (table top game). It is played in the first person perspective as a "blobber". You create a party of four characters by selecting their class and assigning points to their attributes. Combat is turn based; exploration of the world is real time. As your party adventures and gains levels, they will gain skill points to assign as well as additional attribute points. New skills are earned by visiting trainers through out the world.

Currently, a small alpha demo is ready for play. There are several maps to explore, trainers, monsters to fight. You can complete the first part of the main quest and a few small quests as well.

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General Update


Hi to those that are following this progress. Still around and working on the game.

Haven’t had much to post about. I’ve been, mostly, doing some design work and acquiring new UI art. I’ve been updated icons and portraits; trying to get a more cohesive look. I may be a nobody in the Video Game world; but, I want the finished product to look somewhat professional.

I’ve been working key rebinding within game, finally. I may end up, using a 3rd party product vs. writing the code myself (waaaay faster).

I’m in the planning stages of adding playable races (not just human). I have most of it in place. However, I don’t have any portraits to coincide with the new races (one of the reasons I originally went with just human). I missed choosing a race when creating my party :)
Besides the usual statistical benefits and penalties, I hope to incorporate NPC reaction through dialog and possibly action - such as not allowing the party to stay at an inn due to a dwarf being in the party. Not sure how much fun that brings to the game - we’ll see. You can see the list of races at the bottom of this post. Note: still a work in progress. So, the attributes with no amounts are because I haven’t decided on the bonus/penalty

Weapon abilities are going to be added. I only added them to daggers as a test. I like having them for use; plus, it gives incentive to increase the rank (Novice, Expert, Master) of the melee skills. They provide special attacks for the skilled combatant. For instance, the Daze ability (blunt weapons), when successful, moves the target down one in the turn order.

Now, this one may not be liked, I felt it necessary: Spells have been broken down into NOVICE, EXPERT, and MASTER categories. So, in order to learn a spell, the character must have the appropriate rank for the needed magic skill. A skill’s RANK represents the character’s knowledge within the skill whereas the level represents the character’s adeptness in using the skill. I didn’t want a novice in fire magic to have the ability to cast Meteor Storm which I see as a very powerful spell. It made more sense to require a Master skill rank in order to learn it. The ability to use it would be tied to the level of the skill. The character may be adept at using fire magic (level 50); but, they lack the deep knowledge to learn how to wield such a powerful spell

One more area I’ve started reviewing, monster Battle AI. Right now, most of the mobs are using a basic AI. Nothing really challenging or interesting for that matter. I have a few that pose some challenges (such as a group of Kobolds with a shaman among them; and, if you find him, Willard the wererat king - I’ve died way too many times to him).

Finally, I’m starting to outline a manual. It’ll be in PDF format. Old fashion - still like them :)

I’m toying with the idea of having 2 versions of the game available: Digital (of course) and a physical copy (which would include access to digital version). Physical copy would include a printed manual and maybe a world map. Thoughts on this from those who are following?


Proposed Playable Races



Natural ability to learn: Start with 10 SPs to spend

5 to all elemental resistances

All Classes


+3 Strength

+5 Body

+5 Attack

+30 Endurance

-5 Mind

+30 To Hit

+15 Crit

Starts will Axes skill at Expert rank

Weakness to magic (-20% magic resistance)

Warrior, Cleric, Paladin, Thief


-3 Strength




Starts with Bows at Expert rank

Starts with Nature Magic skill at Expert rank

Magic Resistance +20%

Warrior, Cleric, Magic, Druid, Paladin, Bard


+5 Strength



+50% Poison Resist

+50% Disease Resist

Warrior, Cleric, Shadow Knight, Necromancer, Mage, Thief




Start with Bows at Expert rank

All Classes


(dragon blood infused humans - descendants from the ancient practice of Infusion)

+Armor Class

+2 Strength




Natural magic abilites (choose dragon or random?) - no MPs to use. Cooldown based

1 Magic based skill at Expert level

1 Elemental Resist start at 50%

Low Magic Resist start at -50%

Warrior, Mage, Necromancer, Shadow Knight, Bard, Druid

Eyes are reptilian

Eye color denotes the infused dragon

Small chance PC is of double-infusion???? (like 3%)

Lore Skill and Tamarasians

Lore Skill and Tamarasians


This is a passive skill which allows a character to examine an item and determine what it was, does, etc. For instance, the party may come upon an ancient...

Been a while

Been a while


It's been a while since I posted. Well, day job got in the way (crunch and post-release); then family vacation, getting the kids ready to go back to school...

Alpha v0.1 Released

Alpha v0.1 Released


You can download v0.1 alpha demo today. It's ugly, unpolished and probably bug ridden. BUT, the game play is there if you want to see where this game...

Injuries, Threat Meters, and Exhaustion

Injuries, Threat Meters, and Exhaustion


Here we are at the end of April. Be on the lookout for May's newsletter later this week. It will recap March and April's newsletters. I will also lay...

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legedaryjourneys alpha v2.1

legedaryjourneys alpha v2.1


Found a bug when entering some of the new dungeons. This version fixes that issue. Please note: This is a self-extracting archive. Resulted in a smaller...

legendary journeys a2 install

legendary journeys a2 install


This the alpha v0.2 release. New maps and items. Daggers (all but rusty) have abilities that unlock based on the character's Dagger Skill and Rank when...

Legendary Journeys Alpha v0.1

Legendary Journeys Alpha v0.1


Here is the alpha release of the game. This is version 0.1.

Early Alpha

Early Alpha


This is an early alpha showcasing the general mechanics of the game.

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Legendary Journeys: The Eye of Baal
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