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You are a cat with magic powers, stranded on a cursed island. Spiteful dogs are lurking in every corner and a fateful evil is about to emerge from the darkness. ZpellCatz is a magical Action RPG set in a colorful fantasy world.

Play it your way
Play it your way

The best way to fight evil? Your way! Choose a combination of hero class and guild class to best match your favored style of combat. Let your cat look the way you want to by picking from a wide selection of colors and garments.

Build your hero
Build your hero

Enjoy a multitude of ways to increase the power of your cat hero. Manage two skill trees, loot items, craft items, enchant items, refine gems, find permanent stat bonuses and more.

Help the townsfolk
Help the townsfolk

The residents of the Greencat Village have lots of problems that need to be solved. Do you prefer rushing through the story by completing main quests only, or do you take the extra mile to gain impactful rewards from optional quests? Your choice.

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*** General ***
- Added more epic items
- Friendly rooms are allowed to spawn closer to the dungeon entrance now
- Advanced blacksmith services are now cheaper when the base item is of normal quality
---- This change makes normal items worth being picked up in midgame / lategame (e.g. to craft epic items)
- Treasure rooms and boss rooms now drop at least one item of quality special or higher
- Added an option to change cursor speed when playing with a gamepad
- Reworked main menu scene
- Small bug fixes

*** World ***
- Greatly improved water / ocean mesh and added a wave animation
- Wall and doodad meshes have been improved
- Crystal cave (pumpkin prologue) walls now have crystals in them

*** UI ***
- Dialogue box now supports colored text
- Adjusted quest item info icon position
- Added new logo graphic
- Name box of the new game screen is now on top to better work with on screen keyboard (Deck)
- "Box" gamepad layout now has proper button images for "start" and "select"
- Added "Deck" gamepad layout
- Minor UI fixes

*** SAVE STATE ***
- Audio & video settings are now saved locally only
---- There is no reason to share these settings between multiple devices (e.g. main PC and Deck)
---- Breaking change: Your previous audio & video settings will be overwritten by default values

*** Engine ***
- Game engine update: Unity 2021
- Library updates

Full Changelog

Do you own a Steam Deck? If yes, you should definitively try ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue for free on Steam:


Here are some screenshots that give an impression of the recent changes:

pumpkin prologue 0.93.0 autuna

pumpkin prologue 0.93.0 desert

pumpkin prologue 0.93.0 title

ZpellCatz DevRecap Feb - April '22

ZpellCatz DevRecap Feb - April '22


Hey there, fellow catz! After some technical system adjustments earlier this year, I was able to make some progress with the story of ZpellCatz in the...

ZpellCatz "Tool and the Tip" Update 0.92.0

ZpellCatz "Tool and the Tip" Update 0.92.0


Tooltips are coming to ZpellCatz. You can try them in the new patch of the Pumpkin Prologue. Want to know what has been changed? Read on.

"Maneuverability" Update (0.91.8) Oct '21

"Maneuverability" Update (0.91.8) Oct '21


The first patch for the Pumpkin Prologue is live now. Want to know what has been changed? Read on.

ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue Released!

ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue Released!


ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue has just been released. Yay! Want to know where to play it? Read on.


Only one more month, Yay!!!!!

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The randomly generated map looks like a Transformers head... :-D #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Apr 23 2022

The beach in ZpellCatz now has animated lowpoly water, proper cliffs and polished palm trees & rocks. #gamedevT.co

Apr 2 2022

Hm... Apparently all RPGs on Steam have flat colored fonts in their logo. So, I updated the capsule art for ZpellCa… T.co

Mar 19 2022

ZpellCatz "Tool and the Tip" Update 0.92.0 has just been released. Read more here: Simagames.comT.co

Feb 17 2022

A new type of room is coming soon to ZpellCatz: "Friendly Rooms". No enemies, just goodies! :-)… T.co

Jan 29 2022

Currently working on tooltips for ZpellCatz (here: compare inventory item with the equipped one). More info coming… T.co

Jan 8 2022

ZpellCatz is a dungeon crawler with spell casting cats. Explore, fight, level up, loot. Offline only, so you don't… T.co

Nov 2 2021

I made a Halloween themed prologue for my upcoming indie action RPG ZpellCatz. If you're looking for a non-horror g… T.co

Oct 30 2021

The first patch for the Pumpkin Prologue is live now: "Maneuverability" Update (0.91.8) Oct '21 #meow #indiegameT.co

Oct 20 2021