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What is Leap of Champions

Leap of Champions is a 3D competitive and cooperative old-school first-person shooter (FPS) arena game developed by LEAF & Software. The game combines the speed, precision, mechanics and addictiveness of the ‘90s classics with a special focus on gravity and atmospheric phenomena.

It is set in a world where technology has replaced human emotions and the League is the last bastion of primal instincts. Leap of Champions is the ultimate sport, the entertainment that everyone wants to join, the fight everyone wants to be admitted to.


  • A fast-paced and competitive action game
  • Rely on your skill only to rule in arenas where all the players spawn with the same technological equipment
  • Virtual environment where past, present and future are mixed up
  • Battlesuit specifically designed for fast running
  • Strong emphasis on environments will provide strategic depth to the gameplay
  • Semi-automatic regeneration system
  • A strong background story
  • Several multiplayer game modes
  • Unique power-ups
  • Customization system
  • Global rank and seasonal trophies
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We are back!


Greetings Champions.

Sorry we’ve been quiet for a while, but we wanted to fully dedicate our energy and our resources to planning and working on Leap of Champions to the best we could do.

Leap of Champions has proved to be an ambitious and demanding challenge, maybe even more than we predicted. Nevertheless everything that happened this year has been a great adventure and a significant teaching for all of us in the team. We are now very excited to finally reveal the next steps of this exciting journey!

Something we want to mention is that our love and effort towards LOC didn’t change of a bit and that we are working hard to create something that could respect our vision of the project.

Let’s recap what has happened so far

During these months, we didn’t stop working. We had the chance to collected important feedback from some of the most capable and respectable publishers of the industry.

Thanks also to the old and new friends we met in the journey and the collaboration with partners like AESVI, Women in Games, LazioInnova, we had the chance to attend the most relevant and impactful events in the industry like GamesCon in Cologne, GameConnection in Paris and the GameRome, well… in our home city Rome.

Ok, so what exactly did we change in the game?!

We improved the graphic and the art, deepened and differentiate the gameplay, evolved the story and added another exclusive game mode.

The downside is... it took time.

We are pretty satisfied of how the current builds that we are testing look like. We are gathering screenshots and dev shots and we look forward to share them with all of you soon.

Speaking about the conferences, it's been thrilling to let publishers take a look at what we are creating and we are collecting good feedback. In their words, Leap of Champions is a very solid game and it has very good potential. It goes without saying that it warmed our hearts and gave us the boost to continue working.

Besides, it was lovely to meet other indie teams coming from all over Europe! The global community is full of amazing people and we are so thankful that we had the chance to make some great friends among them.

Jump to now

Coming to now, here's the main news.

We are about to reach the final stages towards the release of the Early Access. At the moment it has been planned on Steam in the next weeks. We are very excited about it and we will update you on all the details about the last achievements in production and on our prospective release plan.

So for today let's just smile upon the future

Please stay tuned on our channels and check in for new updates. We will be holding #screenshotsaturday posts and we will like to keep you posted.

For updated check our Website, Facebook, IndieDB pages, and Twitter account.

We would love to receive your comments and answer any questions!

Leaf games & software studio

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