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Hi everyone!!!

We are Blue Rake studio, a small indie team our new project "King's Assassin" is now available to play on bluerakestudio.itch.io/kings-assassin. King's Assassin is a medieval top-down game based in the story of D.Pedro and D.Inês, the game takes place in Alcobaça, Portugal in the 14 century, you play as a mercenary hired by D.Pedro to kill his father after the murderer of D.Inês, D.Pedro's lover, this is our first game we hope you enjoy it.

For more content about King's Assassin:

Instagram: instagram.com/bluerakestudio/

Contact us:

E-mail: bluerakestudio@gmail.com

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Devlog #10 - Gameplay Trailer, Realease Date!!

Hey guys!!!

This week we'll show you the gameplay trailer and announce the release date!

Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer is avaliable on youtube: Gameplay Trailer Youtube

Release Date

We will be releasing King's Assassin on july 15th 2023.

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Test Session

We are currently making test sessions for our game if you would like to test an alpha version of our game please go to our itchio page at: Bluerakestudio.itch.io and feel to test it, if you would like to give us feedback please fill this forms Forms.gle so we could put the feedback in our report.

We hope you enjoyed this post, see you next week.

Follow our Instagram for more content instagram.com/bluerakestudio


new logo

Devlog #9 - First Assets

Devlog #9 - First Assets


Hi everyone today we have the first assest of the game to show you!

Devlog #8 - Logo, UI and More!!!

Devlog #8 - Logo, UI and More!!!

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Today we will show you everything we have been working on.

Devlog #7 - Playable Prototype and Art Studies!

Devlog #7 - Playable Prototype and Art Studies!


Today we want to show you our first playable prototype as well as some art studies our artist has been making!

Devlog #06 - Thumbnails, sketches and more!

Devlog #06 - Thumbnails, sketches and more!


Today we want to show you some thumbnails and sketches our artist has made for the assets of the game!

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