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A SciFi RTS Game in a HalfLife Paralleluniverse Centrail Confederacy vs Journeyman Remember how geared up the Combine of the Half-Life Universe where? You are about to find out what they were fighting and what was pushing them too such extreme measures as they took on a world such as ours in seven hours. Pick your side citizen -become either a Planetary Administrator fighting the exobiotics for a decadent society crushing primitive civilisations - or go wild and join the mysterious Journeyman, a transdimensional, biotech glider-gunsociety seeding strange life throughout the unionsverses. The darkness between the stars, is not empty- its a forrest of dark leaves, growing towards us. A life wasted for a way to clever RTS.

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Journeywar in its first version is out there and can be played. It still has loads of bugs, so anyone volunteering as beta-tester is very welcome.



Greetings Picasso

Vasari101 - - 32 comments

This definitely seems like a very interesting take on the Half-life universe, I look forward to seeing how this further develops!

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