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About Iron Valiant:

Iron Valiant is a single-player, mecha combat action game built around tense melee fights, high-skill ranged weapon combat, and full environmental destruction and interaction mechanics. In a world of colossal steel beasts, Iron Valiant has players helm three unique mechas (known as Valiants) with a variety of unique ranged and melee weapons at their disposal. Every melee weapon will have its own unique move set, complete with particular strengths and weaknesses. Every Valiant shall contain a unique play style allowing players to craft their perfect mecha.

Iron Valiant Demo gameplay video:

Full Environmental Destruction:

Almost all buildings can be destroyed in Iron Valiant. If a structure stands in your way, then tear it down! All of our destruction is dynamic, thanks to the power of CHAOS in Unreal Engine 5. You will be able to collapse bridges on your foes, level entire structures to carve a path towards victory, and even throw your enemies into structures to damage them.

IV Gameplay 4 - Indie DB

Master Melee and Ranged combat:

Iron Valiant has tense combat centered around wise positioning, fast-paced mech battles, an in-depth melee and combo system, and satisfying ranged combat. We plan to have a large variety of enemies from other Valiants, to tanks, artillery pieces, and even infantry. Hone your skills and techniques to survive in this heart- pounding, action-packed mecha combat game.

IV Gameplay1 - Indie DB

IV Gameplay 2 - Indie DB


Iron Valiant is also complete with a dramatic, touching story about a group of kids fighting desperately to defend their beloved country from a powerful empire in the west, Gundria. Follow Reinhardt and friends on their journey to liberate the fantastical land of Astera, a country of magnificent mountains, peaceful pastures, stunning cities, and enchanted forests. Iron Valiant tells a tale as old as time, what does war cost a country? How does it shape the generations to come? What environmental impacts does it have on the natural world? Take on the mantle of the King of Kings – the Valiant Lothair Magnus Rex – and grow your arsenal, modify your Valiants to fit your play style, and learn to love your faithful companions in this wonderfully realized anime world

IV marketing image 4 lr

Current and Planned Development:

sd p 4

Thank you for your interest!

We hope to see you on the battlefield!


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Hello everyone! We would like to show what has been happening during the development of Iron Valiant!

Art updates

Firstly, some art updates. We have been hard at work creating a toon shader from the ground up. This new shader is still a work in progress, but we wanted to give everyone a look at the what is happening on the art side.

shader style 2

shader style 1

astera house

W.I.P: Toon shader, 2D sketch for new architecture style that the building was modeled after

We have also started work on the infantry characters, the models are not complete, they are just for testing in-engine right now.

anti tank soldier

image 11

Finally, on the art side, our concept artist has updated some of the characters that players will be able to meet in the story mode of the game as well as upgrading Lothair's design (The red mecha)

reinhart bauchle new

emilia water color

leyna bauchle new

erwan morgenstern new

duke tancred new

Lothair Tiger King

AI Upgrades

We have been reworking the current Ai's move set for melee animations. The AI will now have a 5 hit combo as a basic set of attacks instead of just 3. We are also planning on a few special melee moves he can do as well as some variance in the basic combo to keep players on their toes.

Work in progress for the basic 5 hit attack combo on the AI side

AI 5 hit basic combo implemented in-engine

The AI has also received a new EQS, allowing him to decided whether or not he wants to use the high ground against the player or flank, among other options. We have also reworked the way he strafes around and moves in ranged mode with an update to melee mode behaviors in the works. The AI will now snake around the player in ranged mode instead of just moving in a perfect circle.

Continuing with AI improvements, we have moved away from the Behavior Trees and are using a Finite State Machine. The Finite State Machine allows us to get more consistent results.

Updated circling behavior for the AI

The road to Demo 2.0

Demo 2.0 will feel like a fresh, new game, with most of the actual planned features being implemented.

Here is a list of what we are currently working for Demo 2.0:

- Player side:

  • Completed melee system ( 5 attack combo chains for light and heavy strikes, guardbreak attack, updated parry, block, and perfect block mechanics, lock on camera, soft lock melee attacks, new melee animations, jump attacks, different type of hit reaction based on damage, and more.)
  • Ranged mode aim assist on all ranged weapons
  • Gun updates and possible new ranged weapons
  • Limited ammo for ranged weapons
  • Homing Rockets
  • Jumping and air control update
  • Animation overhaul on all existing animations
  • I-Frames when dodging ranged attacks
  • I-Frame rework on dodge (narrower I-Frame window)

- Basic Sword Type AI update:

  • 5 attack basic combo with a few variance
  • Guard break
  • New animations for running, boosting, and dodging
  • Homing rocket attack
  • Sniper shot ranged attack
  • Scoring behavior for decision making in combat
  • Counter-measure usage
  • Movement overhaul, and more.

Other Features:

  • Shield and spear Valiant
  • Boss overhaul
  • Infantry and Tanks (fodder enemies)
  • New shader and look for the game
  • New buildings with our updated architecture design
  • New map design
  • Larger destructibles

Thank you for viewing! We have made many improvements and fixes in Iron Valiant and we hope to share Demo 2.0 with you all in the near future! Your feedback and support has been invaluable to our small, indie team.

Iron Valiant Demo Available

Iron Valiant Demo Available


We have released the Iron Valiant playable demo to the public!

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Iron Valiant Demo 06-05-2023

Iron Valiant Demo 06-05-2023


The first playable demo for Iron Valiant, we hope you will take time to paly it and leave your thoughts and feedback.

Woozle - - 2,617 comments

I'm not really the target audience for this type of game but your VC inspired art style has me interested anyway, following with interest

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xhammy - - 1 comments

It feels a lot more fluid than say GBO2. I think my biggest gripe is going to be the linear movement acceleration in boost so I just hit a sudden wall where I get no more speed, and don't have a great sense of momentum. I don't think the dash is faster than boosting so it feels pointless.

Stun locks also blocking camera rotation, and auto rotating me towards my attacker is uniquely annoying.

Attacks don't feel very impactful, and maybe a bit floaty. I don't want to provide feedback to turn it into the stiff mess that is GBO2, but maybe it's the way they interact with movement, or that I still have rotation control at the start of the first damage frame. Like Dark Souls locks out rotation during the wind up, and then gives it back during the swing and then locks it during the damage frame. A careful balance to not just feel like I'm losing control to a stiff clunky game but still keeping weight in the attacks.

There's some animation polish, but yeah duh it's alpha.

Enemies feel spongy, their dodge straight up cheats.

The genshin impact HUD is an odd design choice.

Default keybinds are weird.

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Monodrobe - - 1 comments

Curious what key bindings you found were odd and if ya had suggestions for new defaults

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Turnip_Mercenary Creator
Turnip_Mercenary - - 4 comments

Hello Hammy, thank you for the feedbacK! The stun lock auto rotating the player towards their attacker can be annoying, I agree. We will probably be removing it, it was something implemented in case controller players were being overwhelmed and could not turn quickly enough to face their attacker. The melee system and animations are getting worked on right now, we are actually trying to finish them out. For example, we are going to lock out player rotation controls while executing melee attacks, a lock on system is being added, and more melee moves are are being planned for the Axe specifically. I specifically allowed rotation controls while executing melee attacks a long time ago because a lot of the melee system
was borrowing from Mordhau and Chivalry. The design, however, has changed for many reasons and we are shifting the melee in a different direction.

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