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Infetic World is an MMO game Open World - survival horror, which is set in the not too distant future where the world is ravaged by a virus and unimaginable horrors | roam free walking, eating, wiping and absorbing all life in its path.

PC / Mac / Linux.

English, French , Italian, German , Spanish , Portuguese, Japanese and Russian.

Infetic World

Although the central theme of Infetic World is based on survival, the game is full of desolate areas where the virus is the least of the dangers.

The infetics are inspired by all types of aberrations, giving it a unique and frightening appearance. Be careful, because looks can be deceiving and can face a very dangerous infetic.


Biomes are regions of Infetic World differentiated by geography, flora, fauna, temperature, altitude, humidity and climate.

Some biomes:

  • Polar ice and desert
  • Tundra
  • Taiga
  • Forest
  • Desert
  • Plains
  • Jungle
  • Island
  • Plateau


Keep in mind the weather, if you're not prepared to resist, can cause effects of hypothermia, fever, sunstroke, dehydration , among others.

Flora and Fauna

Explore each biome seeking to develop medicines, plants or seeds to start your own crops. Also various domestic and hunt animals in each biome.

A world plagued by Infetics

In your fight for survival, throughout the game you will find « Infetics », They are the horrors that are loose in the world, willing to end your life in the most brutal and heinous way possible, they are generally slow but very agressive,but there are those who are very fast or very strong as well, that depens of the environment or the area where you are, may sometimes see a bunch of them like they are completely surrounded by numerous hordes.

some " Infetics " will have certain unique abilities that differ from others, some just want to bite you and there will be some few others who may have the ability to regurgitate an acid and totally infectious spit, others will be very strong...

They will make change. Watch them and learn, totally for your survival, techniques must be adapted to each of the dangerous situation you face. You could combat or you may have to run and hide to survive.

-Check out the articles for game mechanics that make Infetic World different to other general or zombie games

Infetic World is our representation of dreams and nightmares of many people.

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Infetic World Game Mechanics


Infetic World is a massive and rich world of unprecedented scale with no artificial boundaries and where thousands of players can interact simultaneously.

A world that feels real due to the complex behaviours that emerge from the interactions of thousands of survivors and millions of individually simulated entities (infetics, animals, plants, etc.) in a fully functional ecosystem.

Everything is persistent, so the survivor actions have long-lasting consequences, creating truly meaningful experiences.

Animals and plants have a life cycle and complex behaviours.

The simulations never stops, even if you go offline, each simulation will continue growing, feeding and reproducing, with their existence dependent on other species and the enviroment.

The resources that survivors take affects the environment too, so if it is taken from, and without careful planning and understanding of the ecosystem, lands can become deforested and polluted, habitats destroyed, and species left extinct.

Weather and Day cycle also affects animals and plants, specially in their reproductive cycle.

Food, Materials and tools have a cycle of use that is affected by the time and the weather conditions.

Infetics sometimes they devour animals. If the animal survives, gets infected, and can be a new threat to you.
Don't worry, animals have learn to avoid infetics and infetics don't enjoy eating animals like the enjoy eating human flesh.

Each time a survivor gets killed by an infetic can become a new infetic, but their stuff (inventory) is drop in the world permanent (until some other survivor gets it or gets destroy by other means like a fire).
More times you get killed by an infetic, more infetics in the world.

There will be some facts like....

-If you kill other survivor your mental sanity decrease, you begin to see ghosts or you maybe see some friends like infetics... at least you are crazy.

Against this mental problem you could: help survivors, do friends, make conversations, and you might need daily tablets for your disease.

-You have a skill tree for your survivor, that helps you to survive and focus in some areas like... medicine, runner, shooter, crafter, agility, resistance and some new rare skills.

-You choose your life in the Infetic World, and if it’s necessary to create a faction with good support from a medicine expert or runner, crafter, etc... You choose the way to be alive more time.

-You ''awake'' in different zones randomly placed.

-Your survivor has a certain life story, may you were a doctor, student, runner, musician, president etc... but you can change your lifestyle since you are in the ‘’awakening’’.

-Everyday counts like survivor, and you'll be experienced.

-There are a lot of differences between forest to the cities...

Forest is less infected, but your way to live, is kind of crafting and hunting.

At least you’ll need to go to the cities and get more food or clean water, but the cities are plagued by infetic bosses and survivors. And these survivors have a lot of experiences, and they won’t have compassion with you for their benefits, or they just kill you for fun.

-A lot Types of Infetics, mutations and horros.

-You can get old like in real life, I mean if you live a long time…

-Your map will be the real life countries, cities and streets.

-Hunt in the forest, get water and food, or get it from the cities.

and remember... Infetic World is our representation of dreams and nightmares of many people.

About Hacking

About Hacking


We want you to enjoy the game and the balanced way it was designed, so we want to avoid Hackers and take appropriate actions… How do we do it?




One of the first events of the Infetic World (ingame) Every week

About us

About us


Doutwelt Games developing the Infetic World, foundation and work these last years on Infetic World the game, Meet the team And why The game changed its...

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