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A road trip among the walking dead in a 3D post-apocalyptic stylized world.

This game is about having fun by shooting, exploding and trapping zombies with every stuff you can find (weapons, vehicles and more). It's a Top-Down action game with Survival and RPG elements.

Planned Features

  • Explore and interact with buildings to find ressources, weapons and a refuge
  • Repair & Drive vehicles (cars, vans…)
  • Advanced behaviors for zombies (field of view, react to sounds, physic interactions…)
  • Skill system : Your experience influence the gameplay
  • Quest system : Meet other survivors (NPC) who seek help in exchange for resources
  • Multiple maps with multiple biomes in 3D stylized environments
  • Day & Night Cycle
  • More than 10 different weapons and unlikely traps :-)
  • Helicopter piloting with dedicated weapons
  • Wild and dangerous animals (eating zombies but survivors too !)

Note : In the final release, your road trip will be made of different maps in a random order, with random resources and procedurally generated zombies so each game is different !

More details : Wabby.itch.io

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What's new / Polishing and bug fixes

  • New maps with camps populated by good guys or… bad guys
  • Trading with merchant to get new weapons and ammo
  • Many more dynamic objects
  • Fence gate : now car stop zombies when closed
  • NPC enhenced : you can shoot but becomes hostil if you don't kill him
  • New Zombies counter : no more reset when loading a new map
  • NPCs and Zombies sight of view is reduced during night
  • New Player sound : weapon dry
  • New weapons : Crowbar, Hatchet, Shotgun, Crossbow, Bazooka, hand flare and smoke grenade
  • Repair skill renamed and enhanced : Tools handling (used for repairing a vehicle, cutting a metal fence...)
  • Goals system : No more needed to kill a minimum amount of zombies
  • Buildings : Zombies can hear you opening or closing a door
  • Zombies : Randomly spawned inside buildings too
  • NPCs : Zombie car hear them when approaching from behind
  • Vehicles physics : Sometimes car is blocked by too much Z : fixed
  • Faster Zombies generation (level creating is now shorter)
  • Maps terrain rebuild from scratch (with more details and more optimized)
  • Camera's height setting with the mouse wheel is back

As usual your feedback is precious so feel free to post what you want :-)

ITMOZ04 Screen02

ITMOZ04 Screen04

ITMOZ04 Screen06

ITMOZ04 Screen07

ITMOZ04 Screen08

ITMOZ04 Screen10

ITMOZ04 Screen11

What coming next?

Save & Load system / Travel map / New maps...

V0.3 released

V0.3 released


Now, you can trading resources with other survivors and for sure : there are less resources spawned in the map so take care of your congeners :-)

Version 0.2 released

Version 0.2 released


I'm glad to introduce you the new version with a main new feature : car Driving !

Support the development and have fun now !

Support the development and have fun now !

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I'm glad to share with you the very first release of the game with one fully playable map that let you have so much fun by shooting and exploding zombies...

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