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Holodance is a Virtual Reality rhythm game that is currently being developed by narayana games. Its build-in music is composed and produced specifically for this VR experience using binaural audio. Holodance also supports loading osu! beatmaps which gives players access to almost 12,000 perfectly beatmapped songs, some with varying difficulties for an overall 45,000+ beatmaps. The 14+ environments you can play in are designed to perfectly match the sound to give you: A spatial, rhythmic, audio-visual experience of pure ecstatic joy! Think of Holodance as a music video that you can enter and play with. But it's not just a 2D video - it's an actual reality that touches hearing and seeing and hopefully your heart! The game has both a free-mode (just a pure rhythm game) and a story-mode (in development) where a group of dragons returns to planet Earth to find out: Are you ready to write a new history for the future?

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This video gives a little preview on what's coming with the UI update for Holodance: You will be able to pull Sliders right in front of you to give you much finer control for settings that use Sliders. As usual, Holodance automatically adapts to your size, and this includes the panel with the Sliders that you pulled close to you. We're testing this using OpenVR Advanced Settings Overlay (https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-AdvancedSettings) to get an idea what the UI looks like for very small or very tall people. But now you will also be able to set your height with - suprise - a Slider ;-)

Finally, I take the UI from VR to the flatscreen. On the flatscreen, the UI fades out and disappears when there is no activity, which will also come handy when recording gameplay videos (how often did I have to record it all again because I forgot to switch some setup UI off).

And ... if you are coming up with wild guesses what those two other people are about ... you might be right ;-)

Holodance is a Virtual Reality rhythm game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift + Touch available on Steam (Early Access): Store.steampowered.com

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