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Holodance is a Virtual Reality rhythm game that is currently being developed by narayana games. Its build-in music is composed and produced specifically for this VR experience using binaural audio. Holodance also supports loading osu! beatmaps which gives players access to almost 12,000 perfectly beatmapped songs, some with varying difficulties for an overall 45,000+ beatmaps. The 14+ environments you can play in are designed to perfectly match the sound to give you: A spatial, rhythmic, audio-visual experience of pure ecstatic joy! Think of Holodance as a music video that you can enter and play with. But it's not just a 2D video - it's an actual reality that touches hearing and seeing and hopefully your heart! The game has both a free-mode (just a pure rhythm game) and a story-mode (in development) where a group of dragons returns to planet Earth to find out: Are you ready to write a new history for the future?

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Holodance is a Virtual Reality rhythm game for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift + Touch and Windows VR (MR) available in Early Access on Steam.

This video illustrates some of the options we offer through Themes and different Game Mechanics.

0:00 Entering the Theme Settings (via Music Library Settings)
0:12 Selecting the "Casual Mechanic"
0:17 Confirming the Casual Orb Theme is selected
0:20 Confirming Sliders and Spinners are converted to Orbs
0:39 Skipping the first 8 Seconds (Press and Hold Trigger)
0:42 Gameplay in "Casual Mode", with Psychedelic Mode
0:46 4x Multiplier Combo Bullet Time (from Psychedelic Mode)
0:50 Activating Pause/Settings (Press and Hold Menu)
0:53 Selecting Standard Mechanic
1:02 Confirming Orb Theme "Transparent Simple" is selected
1:04 Resume (Press and Hold Menu while Paused)
1:06 Gameplay in Standard Mode (without Sliders/Spinners)
1:15 Confirming Sliders/Spinners are actually active
1:22 Cancel and Restart Song for Sliders/Spinners change
1:33 Gameplay with Standard Mechanic and Sliders
1:38 Deactivating Psychedelic Mode Features
1:45 Playing Standard Mechanic without Psychedelic Mode
1:56 Activating Mechanic "Single Laserblade"
1:59 Confirming Easy Mode and Lazers Orb Theme are active
2:04 Selecting Sci-Fi Tunnels Environment for Laser-Action
2:09 Single Laserblade, change Hand by Pulling Trigger
2:19 Single Laserblade Gameplay
2:36 Activating Dual Wielding
2:44 Dual Wielding Gameplay
2:54 Activating "Firestorm" Orb Theme
3:03 Dual Wielding against Firestorm Gameplay
3:13 Activating Casual Mode, with Time Dilation and Firestorm
3:26 Going Crazy with Time Dilation
4:13 Activating Standard Mechanic with Spiky Orbs and Lazer Sounds