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--------- Treasure of Trials spinoff -------------------
(currently in early access)

General Description:
An economically troubled Puppetmaster and his associate are planing to redistribute the wealth of a famously rich and highly philantropic aristocrat named Meister Garg, but the protagonist soon discovers that some circumstances are not as expected.

Game page:

--------- Heroes of Virtue Original Idea -------------------

General Description:

Pixelart platformer with focus on single and multiplayer story co-op,( currently in alpha version).
The game will (hopefully) have a dark comedy theme, one chapter will be included in the release, the rest will later be available in free updates.

Release Platforms:
Windows, Linux and Android (client version), if the development goes well, more platforms will be considered.


--------- Links -------------------


Youtube channel main page:


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Update 4


---------------- short summary --------------------------------------------------
The current Demo contains one singleplayer mission and two multiplayer VS maps.
Singleplayer mission will work on co-op in next version.

PigDrake Move

----------------Some project details -------------------------------------------------------
On the negative side the demo does have some stuff that needs fixing, the most noticeable is:
Not all parts of the event system does fully work for the clients, so co-op/singleplayer map currently only works with one player.
Trap Generation have broken parts, and needs some fixes (deactivated in build).
Internal Character creation system broke down, so will create a new more stable one (noticeable for me).
None of this stuff are to severe but never the less they are quite time consuming, they will be fixed under the summer period.

On the positive side, adding a event system function for saving choice values that later decides between different outcomes turned out ok so far, one example in demo is that what the player chooses in the dialog options with the miner chef will decide the fate of some guards later.

Artkl4 scr 0

Artkl4 scr 1
This system is currently only confined to the maps, but should be easy to expand then general save-progression-to-file system is implemented, so choices and actions can alter events between different maps.

The current demo version is not very balanced between the characters, it is possible for the players to change lots of the character stats like: speed, damage, health etc.

For instructions:


----------------Some circumstance details -------------------------------------------------------
The development have gone slower then anticipated (well that has never happened before), because of extra work and studying have taken some more time then planed.
Will also have to perform mundane extra work the next couple of months, So will mostly focus on fixes for demo versions.

( Most people take vacations at summer, have to use as much time as possible there as a “stand-in” to get most of the money for the year to pay for food, rent etc.)

The coming autumn with start at September will be the next period I can spend much time on the project (same as last year), hopefully I can start focusing on game expansion, trailer, greenlight etc.

----------------End note -------------------------------------------------------
For more information, check out the forum.

List of potential contributions if people wants to help
(it can be as simple as giving me some feedback, and/or telling other persons about the game)


Minor updates will be posted on twitter, larger on this site.

Next Update: then trailer is complete.

Update 1

Update 1

News 2 comments

a video demonstrating some features of the current event scene system.

Update 3

Update 3

Feature 2 comments

This article will display some changes in combat and ability system, it will also show some examples of trap-generation.

Update 2

Update 2


In this short article I will give a preview of some of the possibilities of the improved dynamic event-system, with visual demonstrations of event interruption...

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