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A macro-oriented RTS that trades twitchy gameplay, APM, and worker micromanagement for thoughtful gameplay, epic fleets, and foofy nobles with their convoluted feudal politics.

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Global Build Queue

News 1 comment

I have been neglecting my IndieDB page for a long while now. Now that I'm beginning to finish up the base functionality of the game, I feel I should post here as well.

This is the latest interface addition to Her Majesty’s Royal Space Armada.

In order to simplify control over the economy, there is a single global build queue. This is a compromise between the pay-at-once (seen in Starcraft) and the pay-as-you-go (seen in C&C and Total Annihilation) methods for purchasing decisions. The former requires you to waste time, or get distracted doing something else, as you wait for the precise moment when you have enough money to build the next thing you want. The latter allows you to queue up everything you want to build, but because it is all building simultaneously, when you run out of money you run into an “economy gridlock” that you must carefully sort out in order to build the things you really want.

The build queue follows the inuitive, pay-at-once model but merely places these orders in a global queue so you can put in a build order at any time you want. Because there is only one queue, there is no need to remedy “economy gridlock”; when your queue gets larger, you need only take a moment to decide what is most important to you, and put those things at the beginning of the queue. Since squadrons resupply their own units, you don’t need to worry about cluttering up this queue with constant reinforcements, and therefore it should stay relatively small and easy to manage. Currently you can’t easily drag or re-order queue orders easily, but that is on the to-do list.

I will try to make more detailed posts like this as I implement significant features. Hopefully they will convince you that Her Majesty’s Royal Space Armada is not just another RTS. There are only a few features and bugfixes I need to do to get a playable, alpha-quality game which I might release to the public.




I recently got re-inspired to work on this, and realized that since the campaign mode is going to be a huge part of the final game, I need to really get...

spillblood - - 13 comments

This still looks great. I'd really be willing to buy it, would test out if it works on my PC with a demo first though, but since all other games made in Unity I tried out worked, it should function.
I really love this retro polygon graphics style.

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spillblood - - 13 comments

Absolutely awesome. I want this game. Joined the IndieDB community to be able to post a comment. This untextured retro 3D style simply rules!

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egpheel - - 16 comments

i want this :D

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Novodantis - - 1 comments

I'm not too fond of tumblr so I'd very much like to see any updates here, although I've been keeping an eye on the blog and rather liking how it's going. I love how procedural and high level it is.

Anyway, enough drooling. Good luck and let me know if you need testers or whatever!

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nihilocrat Creator
nihilocrat - - 21 comments

Good to hear the feedback. I would like to get a free version out before the end of the year. I have a feeling that I'd want to do a commerical release if I managed to get that far since I'd already be spending about 4-5 months on it.

If I can find a way to hook up IndieDB to my tumblr blog or vice versa you can expect a whole lot more updates here.

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TheGameSquid - - 165 comments

The graphics remind me quite a bit of Introversion's fantastic Darwinia. And that's obviously a good thing!

Also, I don't think I've seen an RTS made in Unity before (though it seems Arcen Games are remaking AI War: Fleet Command in Unity to make it look better, perform better and to make it cross-platform, but that could still take a few months I think), so it'll be interesting to see how that turns out as well.

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aloha2436 - - 119 comments

Sounds good. Any timeframe for release?

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