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Rogue Realms is an empire building game in which you place tiles to expand the world and build on those tiles to gather the resources you need. Rogue Realms features full 3D pixel world to explore from any angle.

With Rogue Realms you can immerse yourself in the world exploring new biomes and building combinations to grow an empire to stand the test of time. If you are looking for a challenge to beat your high scores then you need to place your tiles carefully and build strategically.

In Rogue Realms you start with a stack of road tiles. You draw from the top of the stack, rotating each tile into place to expand your road network and reveal new lands. You will need to build on tiles to gather the resources your empire needs. Credits to pay for your expansion, food to feed your subjects, power to keep machines running and materials to construct buildings.

Growing the population of your empire will reward you with more tiles to further expand your empire. Quests such as building five mines will also reward you more tiles. If you run out of tiles it is game over!

As you expand the landscape you will discover new biomes, reveal the lore of your empire and discover new quests. Discover new technologies to access new building types and upgrade existing buildings.

Rogue Realms includes:

  • Endless 3D pixel landscapes
  • Strategy based puzzles
  • Play at your own pace with no time limits
  • Different races to play, each with unique play styles
  • Skill based placement and building to achieve high scores
  • High replay value - each run is unique
  • Many different tile types
  • Lots of buildings which can be unlocked via technological advancement

Rogue Realms doesn’t include:

  • Combat or violence
  • Multiplayer

I am a solo developer from Australia. I aim to craft experiences which immerse players into the games. Games have always played a large part of my life and I hope to makes games which play a part in others lives.

I am open to constructive feedback of any kind. I will do my best to respond to messages in a timely fashion and fix any issues which might arise.

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The first episode looks at how the game to be the early mechanics development.

The next devlog looks at making the road system and the introduction of the 3D pixel look.

The third devlog looks at the launch of the steam page!

Rogue Realms has an early Steam page

Rogue Realms has an early Steam page

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I am a solo dev working on a little game heavily inspired by 2 of my fav games wondering what they would be like if they were mashed together. You place...

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