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DESIGN OR DIE takes place in the not so distant future of our solar system. In this game, space travel has already become part of our life. Several hundred million people live on distant planets and space stations. Our protagonist is a freelancer who takes on any kind of job, so he will not starve to death at the end of the day.

In this game, you have to build your own ship, but you are also limited by funds, so you have to find the best design to succeed on each level. Your ship works according to Newtonian physics, you can control your ship’s movements by firing its thrusters. It is crucial to place its engines in the right places so you will not lose control over your own ship.


Single player missions

Nowadays, there are hundreds of great games focusing on space expedition, but this one differs from the most of them as it is designed to be a level based, single player game. On each level, you can prove your ability by designing a good ship and defeat the given objectives. Furthermore, you can collect some credits and you can spend them to improve the parts of your ship.

Ship design

Some levels might have enemies so you will need heavy weaponry to survive. On other levels however, these weapons could lead you to your doom, since a weapon means not just protection, but it also adds extra mass to your ship. So, if you have to fight the gravity of a gas giant, you will probably be better off with a faster and lighter ship.

Destructible modular ships

Even the strongest ships have their weak points, so your duty is to find them, hit them hard, and thus you can defeat them. The difference in size does not always matter.

Every ship in this game is made of blocks so you can lose a part of your ship, an engine or a weapon, if you get hit by the enemy or an asteroid.

There are also important parts of a ship like batteries and power plants, without which it will not work. Do not forget to place them somewhere where they would not be hit by the enemy.

Destructible environment

Do you have to go through a field of asteroids? Do not worry, you can easily cut through them with your lasers. But you can also use them to hide from enemy fire.

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The game has a new name


Well a few months has passed since the project succeeded on green light, it was hard work to push the project through and it was kind of painful the see, how steam opened the gates just a month or two after that.

I wonder if my small project even stand a chance against this new flood, but it is my dream and I should not give up so easy.

GalacticShipwright 2017 10 22 20

Design And Die was a kind of harsh name for the project, so I decided to change it's name to something more light and less intrusive. I wonder if it was a good idea? :) A harsh name might bring some visitors, but the game itself is not so aggressive.

GalacticShipwright 2017 10 22 20 1

I think it is time to publish the steam page, so at least some visitors could check out the game and follow it's development. In the next few weeks I am going to push forward for a closed testing cycle through steam, then I will try my best to make some youtubers/streamers play it.

Yeah I am going to flop because I am a n00b at marketing! :D

Design Or Die is on Steam GreenLight

Design Or Die is on Steam GreenLight


DESIGN OR DIE takes place in the not so distant future of our solar system. In this game, space travel has already become part of our life. Several hundred...

NanoidGames Creator

Thanks to you guys, We Got GreenLit!

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