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Flying Fortress is a small rail-shooter prototype developed over 2 weeks.
It's dirty. It's simple. It won't look good. But it will be a lot of fun!
To see how much time is left: A.chronus.eu

Quick FAQ

Why? Just why?

I work with Unity for about 2 years now. Mostly on small ideas and concepts I have, but I have not released anything yet. Thats something wich I would like to change, so with Flying Fortress I want to give me a challenge that I'm confident enough my current skills can handle and release a proper Prototype finally. Also I use this project to teach myself what it is to develop under a given goal and timeline, organizing orders and worktime. Also I want to play a small fun game where you shoot planes too.

Planned Features?

Until the time runns out I hope to get following stuff working

  • Multiple turrets usable by the player | DONE
  • Unpossesed turrets will search and shoot for targets autonomous (not precise, more as fire for effect)
  • German BF109 Interceptors as enemy forces
  • Allied B-17 Flying Fortresses in your planes squadron (For atmospheric purposes)
  • A win condition after X amount of time or X grounded german forces
  • A fail condition when your plane gots shot down
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So, here we are. The Time is almost up, but there is no playable game. I would lie if I say that I'm surprised because I guessed for almost the entire duration I wouldn't make it. The biggest challenge wasnt the gameplay mechanics, it is the AI movement which is quiet a nut.

There is no one to blame or to shame, it was a fun little experiment and I learned a lot about it, which was my primary goal in the first place. Learning by doing, trial and error and having fun. However yesterday I tweeted a small video in which I was playing with Bezier curves for the enemy fighter AI. I doesnt quite work right now and I have to figure out how to get a constant flying path for thoose fighters but that will take some additional time probably.

So yeah, like I said from the very beginning. I'm still eager to finish this prototype until it's fully playable and Im confident to get there. But it will take a while because I have less time for that starting this week.

Best regards

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Day 8-10

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Day 8-10


Hi again, so currently I have not much to say. I set up the first basic enemy behaviour so oppenent interceptors are able to aim and shoot at the given...

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Day 6 & 7

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Day 6 & 7


Hi folks. There isn't much to say today, so this diary will be probably a bit shorter than usual. I did manage to restrain the turret movements finally...

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Days 4 & 5

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Days 4 & 5


Hi there! The last two days I had only very limited time to work on the game. I have still problems with restraining the movement of the turrets to specific...

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Days 2 & 3

Flying Fortress DevDiary: Days 2 & 3


Okay here we are again. So the last two days were almost completly searching for ways how to restrain the movement of the weapon two the X- and Y-axis...

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