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Defend your fleet from incoming waves of fighters, gunships and bombers.

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Fleet Defense - Introduction


The Fleet Defense! Fight against waves of enemies to protect your fleet!

Game Modes

Normal Mode: Destroy waves of enemies to protect your fleet.

Training Mode: Practice flying near one of your capital ships. Practice strafing stationary targets and flying through tight loops. Learning how to fly near the capital ship is also a useful skill to practice.


Mouse: Used to control the heading of your ship.

WASD: Strafes Up/Left/Down/Right respectively. Can use more than one at once. Good for making tighter or wider turns as well as micro spacing for your aim.

QR: Rolls left and right respectively.

1,2,3: Sets the throttle to 0%/50%/100% respectively.

Left Shift(hold): Throttle up

Left Control(hold): Throttle down

Left Click: Fires dual laser cannons.

Right Click(hold): Free look in cockpit. Can lock on missiles while free looking but lasers always shoot straight.

Middle Mouse Button(hold): Zooms

Escape: Ends the current mode


Missiles lock onto targets and follow them until they either hit their target or a set time passes.

Missiles are slower than a ship on full throttle and cant turn as fast so you have many options for avoiding locks on yourself. If you are locked on, your HUD will show a notice in the center of your screen and missiles tracking you will be marked with a red diamond.

To lock onto an enemy, keep the cross hair over an enemy for 1 continuous second. A missile will automatically fire. There is a brief reload time for missiles and you cannot run out.


There are 3 types of enemies in Fleet Defense. All enemies are marked with orange icons.

Fighter: The fighter has a dual laser cannons and is very quick with medium armor. It also has 1 slow reloading missile.

Bomber: The bomber is fast and small but very with very light armor. It has a single laser cannon but a quick reloading triple rocket attack.

Gunship: The gunship is a slow, large target but has substantial armor and shields. It also has 2 front facing laser cannons and a missile turret. Its main threat is its 4 auto cannons which can fire on up to 4 targets at once, even ones behind them.


The fleet capital ships themselves have heavy cannons on them but they are no good against the long range bombers missiles or the quick moving fighters.

Sometimes an allied ship similar to your own will join the battle each wave. The allied ship will automatically engage all enemies and distract them from you and your fleet. Be careful of friendly fire!

Allied fighters are marked with a green icon.

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Fleet Defense

Fleet Defense

Full Version

Version 1.0 of Fleet Defense! See the article on how to play for tips!

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