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What is Fantasiam?

-Fantasiam (latin word which means "unreal") is the name we found interesting before the actual first presentation of what will game be about. But it follows the rule and concept of the world that we are creating, it have fantasy look and on various moments it looks unreal. Because we are living in Southeastern Europe, where centuries ago were Slavic people, we found that Slavic mythology could be the best story to explore and investigate. The word mythology is the something that is helping us a lot, we can discuss various aspects of the story and in some moments change it to fit the game and design, so it means we can make our own mythology and dive into creation of more immersive story experience. Also, another thing I need to mention, Slavic mythology is not theme that is being used too many times in games, Witcher is following the Slavic mythology, but their story is based more to Polish people, we are involving more general term of Slavic mythology.

Description of the gameplay!

-At this stage, we want to involve exploration factor with beatiful multi-region world and if you explore more, the game will reward you more. Same goes with the story, the more you explore, the more you will discover about yourself as the character and about the world in general. There will be no hand that will guide you, players will be on their own. Second factor of the gameplay are puzzles. It is always hard to make new and inovative puzzles for players to dive in. Just because of that, we included combat system in our gameplay idea, but combat greatly depends on investements. On that way, player will be able to choose between multiple ways, to go through the game solving the puzzles, or killing everything that is coming in front of them. Combat system will greatly be infected with the spells and we are creating special skill/spell tree for that. Game will also have inventory system where player will be able to place all of the items that are found in massive world. Items will help the player to solve main story quests, but side quests aswell. Because the story is also important part of the game, we will include journal system aswell, where all books that player found will be stored. The more you found, the more you will discover about the story and side quests.

Why are we using Unreal Engine 4?

-With Unreal Engine 4 they made everything easier for both indie developers bur AAA developers aswell. Talking about rendering and lighting possibilites in Unreal Engine 4, we can fast and easily achieve spectacular visuals followed with even more important part of Blueprints where you can make your game work just like you designed in terms of gameplay. Also, it is easy to use in general and all developers have great support and backing from Epic Games.

Estimated release date?

-It is still early to answer on this question. Why? Because a lot of things depends on the finances, if we manage to get support in terms of money for the development by end of this year, we will have first playable version of the game by Q1 next year, that may be alpha or beta but it will be playable and community will be able to give us suggestions. We are aiming to publish whole game by the end of 2016 with focus on PC as we can achieve best results possible. If interests raise, we will gladly think about next-generation consoles, but we are far from that.

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Hello everyone, we have finally published some more stuff from the Fantasiam. It took us so long because the development of the game was paused for quite some time and we are happy to get back on the track in the coming weeks and months.

Here is our new video and it shows off beautiful world of the Fantasiam with total size of 36 square kilometers at the end of the development stage. Besides showing our environments, we also showed a little sneak peek of the puzzle systems we will have in our game!

Talking more about the future and future plans, we are planning to start our Steam Greenlight campaign finally in the January and we hope that will motivate us even more to make great content coming from the game.

Unfortunately, as we do not have any funds, it is hard to keep our team going forward every day because of the jobs we are doing for the living. Doing the game this scale is not easy step, but we firmly believe we will strive through the end!

We hope that you will enjoy our new video and please let us know if there are any questions, comments or critics!

Announcing new trailer!

Announcing new trailer!

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Hello world! We just published teaser and it is quick preview of trailer that is coming on 21st February!

New video for Fantasiam is finally live!

New video for Fantasiam is finally live!


After few months we are getting back with new video that will show more information and improvements throughout the development process of Fantasiam...

New trailer is going live soon!

New trailer is going live soon!

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New trailer with a lot of improvements going live soon!


From facebook page of this project:

"Hello everyone!

Wanted to give an update after long time. As everyone probably knows by now, Fantasiam is not in development anymore. It was not possible to continue because of time, money and other jobs.

I believe this project will be finalized at some point in the future, but I feel I should not talk about any dates.

Me, as main developer and founder of this game, continued with work in this industry, and in the past I have worked on many great and interesting projects and games.

One of them is my own as well. It will be an Android and iOS game, and it will be coming next year, in January or February. In the future, I will use this facebook site to promote the game, feel free to continue supporting development for the new game, as it might increase chances to continue development with the Fantasiam.

Thank you and have a nice day!"

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Wow! The environments look wonderful, with some clever use of lights and colored fog in the distance.

Good luck with further development.

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This looks absolutely phenomenal!

The only thing I noticed about the trailer was that I couldn't quite hear some of her dialogue over the sound effects at some parts - specifically the water running sounds.
Regardless this is an awesome trailer. I seriously got the chills when the dragon flew from behind the statue. Amazing work!

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Fantasiam Creator

Hello Sbambrick!

Thank you for nice words, it definitely means a lot for us, as we are indie developers.
Talking about the trailer, we are preparing new one and it is coming out at end of this month, or at the beginning of December.
Voice overs will be diffrent and more recognizable, and new parts of the level be shown, aswell as more story revealed and some of the gameplay elements introduced. So stay tunned for that!

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This game looks absolutely amazing!

If you're interested, I'm a musician looking to start composing music for games, and I would really love to work on this. Shoot me an email at alex@dartfrog.org and I'll send you a couple demos. I really want to write the music for this game.

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Fantasiam Creator

Thank you Ajios for nice words!

At the moment we do not need any more musicians as we covered that position for now. If something happens and we open positions we will for sure let everyone know!

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