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Dual TD is multiplayer tower defense strategy game. Goal of the game is to destroy enemy base which is achieved by building monster spawners which obviously spawn monsters. Yours monsters will not attack enemy monsters but yours turret will attack anything. You can build turrets only in your territory like civ games. All buildings and monsters are fully customizable.

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DualTD dev update #01


DualTD dev update #01

What changed in DualTD and what is new?

Rocket Turret

There is new long range AoE turret which fires rockets with high damage. Rockets are able to kill not upgraded tank or spider on one hit. They have two disadvantages rockets are firing slowly 1 rocket per 10 seconds and they have very little hitpoints so if there is rocket vs spider and spider is missed on first shot spider will win the fight and destroy turret.


EMP Turret

New EMP turret or superweapon if you want is most expensive turret in the game and it does not do any damage to minions or something else. This turret is special because its ability to disable enemy buildings anywhere on the map. Its ability is pretty expensive it cost 500 units of energy and turret itself consumes 25 units of energy per second so think twice before you will build one.


Deterministic pathfinding and synchronization errors

Most of work went to migrating from unity pathfinding to A* pathfinding. Multiplayer ‘lockstep’ model cannot realy run well on default unity pathfinding so I had to change it.

New website and facebook page

Last week I decided to create website for a game.It looks really good you should check it out and if you have facebook account and you like this game you know what to do. I will include links on bottom.

Web: Dualtdblog.eu

Facebook: Facebook.com

Twitter Twitter.com

Quick look into DualTD

Quick look into DualTD


Summary of DualTD descibes the gameplay and the game.

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