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What do you do when you crash your Dad's spaceship onto a planet to which you shouldn't have flown? And what do you do when that planet is Earth? Enjoy elegantly simple controls and intuitive level design as you attempt to solve all the challenges and return Milton to his homeworld - and can you make any friends along the way?

- Explore the city of Sockhampton as you get around with a variety of alien psychic powers! (Also on foot and on the Metro?)
- Harness your powers to levitate, teleport, dimension hop, and interact with objects that don't yet exist!
- Meet colourful characters as you try to leave the planet!
- Sweet chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
- Made entirely by one guy (art, music, writing, code) because I adore old-style platformers!
- Have a lot of free virtual coffee because the old man in the coffee shop is too nice to ask you for money!
- Secret things and a bajillion easter eggs!

Video coming soon!!

Release date: TBC 2017?

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Soundtrack previews!


Hey, Earthlings! I thought I'd share some previews of what you'll be hearing as you explore the city of Sockhampton in this, the first Down To Earth soundtrack dump! Everything in you see and hear in the game was created by me, and the music might even be the aspect of which I'm the most proud!

Theme tune:

Main city theme:

Aquarium theme:


Hope you enjoy them!

Lots of love,

Mike x

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