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Hi guys, Dragontier is a new roguelike game for steam. Mixes virtues of riddled corpses and xenon valkyrie. Is currently in an early version, but I decided to present the game in this first stage for greenlight.

-Best roquelike style
-Procedural dungeons
-Best 16bits soundtrack (snes style)
-Pixelart graphics
-Many elements of role and classic fantasy
-Many class (Archer,knight etc..)
-Hightscore online with steam servers
-Rune system (Synergy style)
-Tier system (looping)
-Enemies,bosses and muchs more!

greenlight Dragontier URL


Thanks to all guys for helping me with the previous games,best community ever.

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Demon'sTier has the best elements of RiddledCorpses and XenonValkyrie.
Visit the page of the steam store for more information and see a new trailer.


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