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Discover the terrible truth that lies behind the religions in this exploration-walking simulator narrative game, inspired by the Cavern's Myth by Plato. Made with Unreal Engine.

This game is being developed for Rayuela Jam, a gamejam about narrative videogames whose main theme is religion.

Download the game (in Spanish) on itch.io Unrealdreams.itch.io

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What's about (Far) Away?


(Far) Away is still under development, this is a long time project but I'm usually working on it. Sometimes I stop to work on it (as in this moment), any times I stop working on (Far) Away because I can't, another because I'm working on smallest projects, as I'm now doing.

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In this moment I'm working on Shopping Day, a short and realistic game about shopping, a critical game about the problems of modern life and the capitalism. You can know more about Shopping Day here: Indiedb.com

ShoppingDayGameOptimized 1

Also you can know more about my games on the Unreal Dreams official twitter: Twitter.com And I have created one hastag for (Far) Away #FarAwayTheGame: Twitter.com and another for Shopping Day #ShppingDayGame: Twitter.com

Previously, on past September I released my first game, Demiurge, a game developed for a 1 month jam, but I was working in Demiurge about two months finally. You can donload the game (only released in spanish) here: Alverspin.itch.io

Demiurge Forest unreal engine Ra

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