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Party Llama Games are working hard on Pandora: Chains of Chaos to give you a wonderful user experience. Created and developed in Unreal Engine 4, Pandora: Chains of Chaos will immerse players in a beautiful and colourful Greek world with enemies, quests, NPC's, and areas to explore!
Developed characters, mythical creatures, pig mount riding, beautiful environments and more.

  • Engage in real-time combat as you battle the creatures from the darkness using artifacts left behind from the gods. Each has its own unique ability crafted for a purpose.
  • Hone your character with scores of unique skills and extras: Master new abilities and add possessions as you develop.
  • Discover the quiet fishing village, Kome. Storylines and side quests are just some of the things you can do here.
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Pandora Gameplay Update


Hello Lil Llamas!

It's been a long time since we've given an update, but we have a great update for you all. busy. We promise. And we can show you our update gameplay video!

One of the biggest things that have changed in the latest version is the art style. You can see we've chosen brighter colours and strong contrast. We feel it brings out the uniqueness of the world out where the characters can stand out a lot more. Let us know your feedback, we'd love to know what you think!

Over time, we started to realise that making the game in the blueprint was something that wouldn't work long term. Especially for performance. Over the past 6 months, we've been swapping over the old blueprint to code. This has also allowed us to rework some systems, but also to think about the direction of the gameplay. While we've kept most of the gameplay the same, we have introduced some new mechanics and updating the combat to be more interesting. You can see the seeds of this in the video above. Over the next few months we'll be showing more of these systems when they come to life. Some of them are:

- Magic
Each magic ability does something different rather then just causing damage.

  • Lighting - Stuns one enemy on the battlefield
      • This goes to all enemies in the area of the target when use the ultimate.
  • Water - Heals Pandora for 30%
      • This % can be increased by skill points on the tree.
      • Using the ultimate would cause for this to expand to other members of the party.

Ultimates on Umbrellas

  • A bar fills up by collecting fragment pieces that drop from enemies when killed.
  • Pandora can activate her Ultimate ability by pressing Y on the controller.
  • This then unleashes a different set of attacks that can be used. Visually, it differs by:
    • Pandora gains a material change
    • Umbrella has a mesh change + material change
    • VFX is different when attacking. Main VFX particle is swapped out.

List of abilities that are unlockable
(Using the umbrella’s mechanics or making combat interesting.)

  • Barrier
    • Using the block ability, water can form around Pandora for 1 second to protect all around her. (Hold RB)
  • Block Counterattack
    • After blocking an attack successfully, Pandora can perform a counter attack that dashes in the direction of the attacker when starting to perform a new combo. RB + (LS+B)
  • Shield charge
    • After performing a block ability successfully, push forward on the controller to slam forward fast and stun targets. RB + LS
  • Shield drop
    • While double jumping and gliding, holding the Shield button attack button will cause Pandora to smash into the ground. AOE (Whilst gliding RB + B)
  • Umbrella Spin
    • Combo attacks 1 + 2 and rotating the LS with cause pandora to spin on the spot for 3 seconds.

Make sure to follow us to keep up to date!


Pandora: Chains of Chaos Demo now available

Pandora: Chains of Chaos Demo now available


Our demo has officially launched! Download it now to give us feedback and help shape the game.

Pandora Demo Update

Pandora Demo Update


We're working on a Demo to publish on Steam. Take a look at where we are currently.

Pandora's New Houses

Pandora's New Houses


Take a look at the new houses in Pandora and how we're making them.

Pandora - Making the environment more Mediterranean and we're now on Steam!

Pandora - Making the environment more Mediterranean and we're now on Steam!

News 1 comment

We've changed up our village to have a more Mediterranean feel to it. We've also added Pandora to Steam, so make sure you check it out!

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Pandora Demo 0 3

Pandora Demo 0 3


A 17-year-old girl named Pandora has opened a box containing evils that could destroy the world. Kome Village, her home, is invaded by creatures spawned...

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This game looks really interesting, I can't wait to see more demos you release.

Right off the bat with the Hera Cutscene the first things I notice that could be improved...

The animation for the main character when she runs...I don't know what 3D program you're using but there are lots of free resources on run and walk cycles, even right on youtube you could find and emulate. The legs look stiff, the arms look the same. I'm not quite sure what it is about it but this is just what I see immediately.

Here's a problem, though, to keep in mind....You don't necessarily want a character's run to be copied directly from real life. It might be better to copy it right from real life, then modify it to be exaggerated. This is what for example a game like Final Fantasy 13, 14 or 15 does.

The text is far too small, so it turns the player off, at least that's my own perspective on it. Bigger text across more pages shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, right? I think this would be better. I would take the "Hera" text and position it in the middle of that buldge on the upper left of the text box, it looks like it's supposed to be there.

Okay so for color theory....If you keep using all oversaturated colors it makes it seem more cartoony. The character on the road seems to blend too much in with the texture of the road. What you need to do then, PERHAPS, to get a very natural feel color wise is to use aqua as your base color that can be very saturated. This leave your bright orange overly saturated road on the opposite (almost) end of the color wheel.

You need to take this saturated orange then in that case and unsaturate it. Not too much of course, but it would need to be a pretty greyish brown, orange would be almost non-existent unless you're using this as your complimentary color.

This would mean that the red rooftops of the houses need to be colored a very very unsaturated red. The sky is fine at bright aqua, but you would need to take everything that's green and unsaturate it juuust the slightest amount so that it blends with your base of aqua (as green is close to aqua on the color wheel, you can still use a halfway saturated green in you're using aqua as your primary color)

You need to add the slightest mist for those far away trees, as the farther away you get the greyer/unsaturated everything is going to become. Things also become cooler farther away so mixing more blue in far away will give that natural feel that everyone is attracted to in mother nature.

The mistake color wise that I see most game devs making when designing worlds I think is using an overly saturated green. If you want to use green as your super saturated color, then unsaturated the aqua sky enough to have an impact, but definitely don't shine bright red unless that is your only complimentary color.

I guess those are overly strict rules though, and if your goal is to make it cartoony-like rather than anime-like it's fine. The appeal of anime, though, is that it seems to make sure of aqua as it's primary color, so that is the only color that has the ability to be very saturated.


Shadows with the trees are so needed here I can't tell you. This is a game for Xbox One and PC....So it shouldn't matter too much if you're increasing the draw calls so much I think through the shadows. If the performance is slow, you're not combining meshes throughout the game. I'm more of a Unity user myself so I can't really tell with Unreal Engine 4 what's needed here...

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nwint Creator

Hey, thanks for taking the time to write all of this!
It looks like we hadn't updated the images and videos, so we've done that now. Why don't you take a look and see what you think of the updated versions? Feedback like you've done now would be amazing!

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Here is an example of what I mean. I took a screenshot of the game and cutting it up gave it a more natural color palette:

Here's after:
Here's before:

And here's a side by side of cartoony vs natural color palettes:

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And here is a before and after when mixing your logo down with more natural colors. You'll notice it doesn't clash as much:


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I reaaaaally think you guys need to update that running animation, it looks terribly floaty.

Other than that, this is beautiful, i'd love to see how it evolves.

Any news regarding publisher or crowdfunding?

And happy new year and good work!

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nwint Creator


Yes something we're now currently addressing with the run animation. Hopefully, we'll have it fixed for the next build!

We don't have any help, but I am looking at any financial help we can get to help tide us over.

Make sure you keep a lookout for more updates and let us know your feedback :D


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Time for the demo ? :)

If as you say this is now an open world adventure with a little bit of inspiration from the Fable games
then we need a demo right now ! (or asap )

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I follow Pandora for a year now and it's great to see how this game evolves :)

Keep it up!

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Been following for a lil while now and any plans for crowdfunding or something else? With what you have to show, and I'm sure in the future even more I believe it could be pretty successful and help further game development.

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nwint Creator

Thank you for following us! We really appreciate it :)
We are currently making the demo to pitch to publishers. If that doesn't work, we'll go the crowdfunding route.
Thanks for your kind words!

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