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About Dark Salvation

Dark Salvation is about a dead woman named Talia who becomes possessed with an object called the Spirit Crystal. Her parents released the Lucafix demon through one of their cult meetings and she has been pulled into the Underworld to purge it of evil.

Experience fast paced, old school FPS action at its scariest. Face multiple monsters within dozens of indoor, outdoor and underground levels. Wield a deadly arsenal of weaponry in which Talia can cast magic spells from each weapon.

The Soundtrack

Dark Salvation contains a very diverse musical score with each level containing its own individual creepy, eerie and heart pumping music. Each song is unique coming from over a dozen music artists who have contributed their talent to the project. Some of the artists music found within the game are from: Halo In Reverse, The Holocaust Humanity, Abstractive Noise, Dead Factory and many, many more!

You can sample a few of the tracks found within the game here: Sample1 - Sample2 - Sample3 - Sample4
Take a look at the screenshots while listening to the samples to get a vibe of what you'll experience while playing the game.

The Weapons

The Underworld of Dark Salvation contains many sinister weapons all of which can cast magic spells by the one who is tainted by the Spirit Crystal and has the weapon in their possession. From deflective shields, to exploding skull launchers, blood/life/soul suckers, stake shooters and more, there is a weapon to aid you in every type of battle you encounter. There are even helper weapons that will latch onto certain objects that can help pull you across pits or to normally unreachable areas where you can find secrets and items.

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Dark Salvation v1.0.7 Released

Well, well, it is never too late for an update. :)

It has literally been 8 years since Dark Salvation was originally released and received a few updates.

I stopped production under Mangled Eye Studios years ago but always enjoyed receiving feedback from people who have played the game. While the game was originally designed to be very hard, for most of the feedback I received is that it was kind of too hard. At least when first starting off.

So after 8 years of not ever touching the game, I've decided to do one final update to the game which now brings Dark Salvation up to v1.0.7 and will be the final update for good. I've made a major overhaul in the difficulty and some other level adjustments to make for a better experience.

Something else I've always had that never was released are topdown map layouts for some of the levels. These show where the Start, Exit, Teleporters and Weapons are located. I've posted some examples below.

If you haven't yet tried the game you can now obtain it through the Itch.io storefront. As always I appreciate your support. I'm looking forward to releasing my next game and like the saying goes, the next game will be released "when it is done".

Dark Salvation Download - Itch.io

Map Layout Samples

Complete Update List


- Made some adjustments to player damage for environmental hazards and enemies.

- Made some map adjustments to darks01, darks04, darks04b, darks05, darks05b, secret-level3, secret-level3b.

- Made some adjustments to wall ladder textures so they can be noticed better.


- Fixed a few map bug issues as well as made a few adjustments in darks01, darks05-ent, darks05b-ent, darks06 and darks06b.


- Fixed Save/Load states where the save and load menu buttons were not functioning.

- Fixed TAB completion bug that crashed the game when trying to TAB complete a console command.

- Fixed allowing players to select the Bloodreaper weapon while cycling through weapons.

- Cleaned up some more unused cvars.

Dark Salvation Free Offer Expired

Dark Salvation Free Offer Expired

News 6 comments

The Dark Salvation Free Offer has expired. The game is no longer set as a free download. You can still obtain your copy from the website.

Dark Salvation Now On Impulse Driven

Dark Salvation Now On Impulse Driven

News 5 comments

Dark Salvation Now On Impulse Driven Dark Salvation is now available on Impulse Driven. They are a leading digital download service with a good community...

Dark Salvation Special Christmas Price Cuts

Dark Salvation Special Christmas Price Cuts


From now until Dec. 31st, Dark Salvation has a special Christmas holiday pricing. You can now purchase the game for only $5. You can also pick up the...

Dark Salvation Demo Now Available

Dark Salvation Demo Now Available

News 18 comments

The Dark Salvation Demo for Windows PC is now available for download. This 480MB demo contains 3 main levels (2 normal levels and 1 secret level) with...

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In 2010, when I first played this game ,I was deeply attracted. Although Dark Salvation is a ID tech3 engine game, but levals and monsters are designed very great.but the problem of saving game has
forced me to give up ....If you can solve this problem, I'll be very glad to pay for this game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I seem to have a problem with saving the game. I tried running as admin, but it didn't solve the problem. In the first chapter, I can save and load again, but it always loads up at the beginning of the level without progress made.
Is this normal or a bug?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is normal.
Its based on ID Tech 3, that engine wasn't build for single player games actually :P
The first chapter is really hard, you should use /g_gravity 50 to pass through some parts of it (unless you have superhuman timing)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So anyone experience the same problem.?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will there be a Xbox 360 version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Really meh game. Some of the level design is quite poor and unrefined, and the combat is forgettable and unsatisfying.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

just like you, forgettable and unsatisfying

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

When Doom 4 is finished, id software plans to create a sequel to Quake 1, respectively the Lovecraftian Quake-universe. But Quake 5 doesn't even has to be made anymore. Dark Salvation already seems to be the worthy follow-up to Quake. I haven't played it yet, but it looks like it has the potential for me, to dedicate the darkest corners of my soul to it, like it has been for a very long time with Quake 1 and Heretic. This is how i dreamt, that Quake 5 would be in the end, but without knowing it. I want to take it intravenously! It will be very hard for id software to top this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

looks awesome but the download link seems to be dead :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

is it possible to play this on an updated q3 engine with bloom or something?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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