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"Imagination is a limit far more formidable than technology.Technology is a key far less potent than imagination. Imagination AND technology working in tandem - are free from all limits, except one: imagination." ~HexenStar

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I have missed an update, i know...but, here we are.

Added further visual upgrades to Map 9 (Caves, ex-caves to be exact). That map was WAY too much trouble for something that stands only on 66% of the max segs. Finished the Shadow Wood enhancements. Also - finished the revision of map 27 (Monastery) and map 21 (Forsaken Outpost). Map 21 has been upgraded several times before, but since i made numerous retroactive changes to the texture set - it had to be reaffirmed every time. Currently, i am working on map 24 (Effluvium).

A look at the Underground Ruins - what used to be Caves of Circe...

underground ruins3

underground ruins1

Beside the visual level overhaul, certain inaccessible passages are now made accessible, allowing both more fluent exploration - and more eye candy.

Shadow Wood celebrates its new grand starting area...

Shadow Wood tower view

And now, let's review the mod completion stats again, - something we have done a couple of months ago:

- intended complete level remakes: 100% complete

- intended complete level redesigns: 100% complete

- partial level design enhancements: requirements extended, 60% complete

- overall level geometry / aesthetic fixes/alignment and revision: 60% complete

- gameplay adjustments (planned for Fighter weapons only): 75% complete

- blood effects not working correctly: 50% fixed

- new custom-made content: 100% completed

- custom content revision: 80% completed

- story screens: 0% complete

- entire game verification and testing: 10% complete

In case you haven't caught on, - with the drastically increased standards for all levels and the insane amounts of time that each segment takes - we are on the way to Legend 9...more on that in the future.

Stay tuned,


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