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You've been brought to Critter Island to help prosper and grow the island, as well as help civilize the creatures. You will find food, make a home, build a shop, fight other monsters and tamers, and train your critter to help it reach it's full potential.

Your pet will grow and change based on how your treat and raise it. You can decide to train your pet with no mercy forcing it to fight and exercise/train it until it can no longer stand. You may also train your critter with balance and respect. You can decided to spoil your critter with constant praise and food. Your critter will be affected and change based on every choice you make while raising it.

-Open world tamer game
-Multiplayer (MMO) and singleplayer
-Player server hosting
-Unique taming/evolution system
-Unique critter personality and life-span system


Open World Survival Tamer MMO

Basic Mechanics
Pet Training/Interactions
Food/water gathering
Base Building/Farming

Core Concepts
Survival Focused (pet can die)
Bond Focused (pet will perform better when bonded)
PvP/Team Focused (stay with a group for safety)
MMO Aspects (safe towns, dungeons, ect.)
Base Building (home, store items, farm)

Additional Features
Player-based economy
Water/Land/Flying Mounts

Creature Types
Beast (Light)
-based on animals like lions, rhinos, bear, etc.
Demon (Dark)
-dark, monsters, etc.
Dragon (Light/Dark) (Land/Water/Flying Mounts)
-strong/winged creatures

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Hello all!

My name is Fraccas, and I'm the head programmer and project manager of Critter Island Online! CIO is an open-world MMO tamer game. When playing CIO your goal is to explore the islands with your pet creature. You may build a home, open a shop, battle other creatures, explore dungeons, and even compete in tournaments against other players.

CIO Creature UI

Meet the Team
Fraccas (Head Programmer/Project Manager)
About: Senior at AU majoring in Computer Science. Was head programmer and project manager of fan game Pokemon Adventures Online. Has developed Unity games/mods, mobile games, websites, and Java games in the past.

Judith (Creature 3D Modeler/Rigger/Animator)
Weado (Environment 3D Modeler/Map Designer)
BlockRunner (2D Artist/Concept Artist/UI/Marketing)

indieDB cover2judith showcaseBlock Beast Sketch
Fraccas (PAO) Judith (Creature Model) BlockRunner (Concept Art)

The goal of CIO is to create an open world MMO tamer game. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a great MMO tamer game to be released. Since 2010, I have searched online for a fun open world tamer game, but yet to have found one. Currently, one game does exist on the market, however, it's combat is overly simple and boring. It also has a large emphasis on buying in-game items on the cash shop.

In CIO you will start on an island and you will be given a baby creature. You will train this creature and it will grow based on how you treat it. You will need to feed, train, and interact with your pet in order for it to reach it's full potential. Your role on the island is to help bring order and peace. You will be able to build a home, start a garden, and even start a shop in the towns. Join up with other players to enter into dungeons for boss fights, and open world PVP will be allowed on PVP servers. You can decide to help others and become a hero, or you can choose to attack and steal to become a villain.

Creatures will have skill trees and will not be bound to traditional classes. You may spec up healing and defense to become a defensive healer. You will be able to decide exactly what skills your creature learns. Combat is real-time command-based, meaning you tell your creature where to go, and when to attack with what skill.

Start Date: June 1st 2017
Core Game Mechanics: Oct 1st 2017
KickStarter: Oct 15th 2017
Closed Pre-Alpha Testing: Feb 1st 2018
Early Access Release Date: April 1st 2018
Full Release Date: Dec 1st 2018

CIO NewAttacks


always nice to come back to indiedb after long time and see updates! any idea on if you're releasing an early demo?

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Cool! I like the idea if you keep working on it this will most likely become a great game.

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nice idea waiting for beta

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Fraccas Creator

Thanks man!

I'm glad to see that you are following this game.

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