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Computer Components are a big part of our lives, do you have what it takes to become a leader in this industry?

Design and Build

You can begin your journey by placing the machines in game!

These machines can be selected to create raw materials! Use other machines and expand the number of buildable objects!

Screenshot of the game

Expand your Factory

With unlimited space in your factory, expand the size of it as much as possible!

More used space means more money for you to expand the factory even more!

Screenshot 2

Note to players,

The game is currently in a demo stage and will need about a year to complete, so if you want to continue playing and get monthly updates, head over to my Patreon page and support me over there to get monthly updates.



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Pre Alpha 0.1 Complete!


Pre Alpha 1.0 has just been completed and sent to all the Patrons!

Core Assembler   Finishing Save

Core Assembler   Save Complete

If you want to play the game yourself, support me on Patreon and receive monthly builds! Patreon.com

New Features

- Redesigned UI

- Added new game screen

- Added Statistics Panel

- Added Company Information Panel

- Added Color Coding to Materializer

- Added GPUs

- Added Save and Load System

- Now able to create Internal Memory

- Now unable to create things when money is under 0

- Added Auto Save to save at the start of each month

- Added Sounds to Click


- Changed Camera Movement System

- Removed Blueprint System (Will return)

- Removed Tutorial System (Will return)

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Camera moving way too fast when time is increased

- Re-Fixed vsync performance issue

- Fixed Components movement performance issue

- Fixed Copper not being recognized

- Fixed CPU not being recognized when being sold

- Fixed Manufacturer not being able to spawn Internal Memory

New Video!

New Video!


Video that will catch up on the last 3 months of development!

Demo Released!

Demo Released!


Demo is released and now is free to play on itch.io!

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