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An action-roguelike set in the future on uncharted planets.

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News on graphics development, artificial intelligence, and algorithms.

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Recently, we've been working quite a bit on getting all the designs for backgrounds and enemies all ready to go and implemented with statistics and artificial intelligence.

This wouldn't have been possible without our new artist, Zoe Downey (Empires of Steam), who we hired to do the concept art shown below and much more. Zoe is a talented artist, and we'd wholeheartedly recommend him to any other team looking for creative artwork for their projects.

Additionally, now that each monster in the game has a fully animated model, we're working on their AI so that each enemy has a unique personality. Robotic enemies will have varying levels of intelligence, being able throughout the world on their own with learning algorithms to solve problems so that one exploit found against them may not work in a second encounter.

Here are some examples of enemies and environments that have been worked on:

Detritus side 2 detritus4

tech core3

Tech Core Chamber

Overgrown Caves

Sunken Ruins

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