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A business simulation game all about cars. Build your own cars and change their design in the semi-free, integrated 3D Editor. Develop engines and stray from the concept of strict tech levels seen in other games: Your car consumes too much fuel? Why not improve your next engine's fuel efficiency. You car is too slow? Why not develop a more powerful engine? And if your car is the most advanced on the market it may even earn you some awards. Can you turn a profit with your car company? This game is available in a fully playable alpha version (not yet feature complete.)

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Preface: While the main work on redoing the UI and converting the game to the Unity engine is moving slowly but steadily, I had taken some time to update the game's new website at CarsInc.WildDuckGames.com. I have imported almost all the relevant data from the old site and brought back the forum and the user database in the process. With so much of the old site back in action (even if it is with new looks), it was only a small step to bring in the online functionality that was originally developed for v0.35 but dropped due to the downtime of the website. Some details have taken longer than expected due to a different server and PHP configuration but after two days v0.36 is on as a mini update. May it help in passing the remaining time towards v0.40 - the Unity update.

Cars IncorporatedOn a different note: Cars Incorporated is slowly advancing through the ranks at Steam Greenlight, these past few days it has been bouncing around between Top 60 and Top 90. So a possible release of the game on Steam isn't that far off anymore and it might just help to get the development budget together to speed things up in the future. So if you haven't done so already, please vote for Cars Inc on Steam Greenlight and help spread the word.

But now for the changes:

New Features

The title screen with highscores

The options menu now has a new section called Internet setup that will allow you to control the online behavior of the game. If you allow the internet access and enter your user credentials from WildDuckGames.com (the same as they where on cars-inc-game.com), you can see your position in the highscore on the start screen and upload your score once you complete a game.

Highscore on the website

The highscores are also presented on the website. The game shows 3 ranks for now, the website 10 in the sidebar or 50 on the highscore page. Right now this list is of course fairly short since it only has some data from old Inner Circle tests. Let's see it fill up!

Other Changes

  • The Facebook share button on the cars page has been restored
  • The endgame screen is now able to up- and download highscore data
  • The new option "Allow online functionality" can enable or disable all online interactions - including the automatic update
  • The auto update has been redirected to the Wild Duck Games homepage - v0.36 will find the update to v0.40 once available

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused the improve functions for chassis to produce very bad results over time.


  • The new variable $online_rank will return the rank of the player in the online highscore

As always the update is already available for download. However older versions will not see this update as their update functions still points to cars-inc-game.com.

Or find us here:

Cars Incorporated updated to v0.35

Cars Incorporated updated to v0.35

News 1 comment

Cars Incorporated has received the long overdue update to v0.35. Find the details and the download here.

A crowdfunding boost for Cars Incorporated?

A crowdfunding boost for Cars Incorporated?

News 3 comments

Cars Incorporated has made some great advances this year. Find out how you can help to finally kick the development onto the fast lane.

Cars Incorporated updated to v0.34

Cars Incorporated updated to v0.34


The latest update of this indie car tycoon rebuilds and improves it's racing simulation mechanics.

Cars Incorporated version 0.32 released

Cars Incorporated version 0.32 released

News 3 comments

The tycoon game all about cars takes it's next steps with the latest update. Continue reading for the full release information.

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Cars Incorporated Demo

Cars Incorporated Demo

Demo 1 comment

This is a fully playable demo of the Cars Incorporated Early Access version (0.36), limited to the game years 1900-1905. It can be unlocked to play from...

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Hey, L-1011 Widebody here. I had so much hope for this game to be something wonderful and awesome. Is there any progress to report?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Angelcaliber - - 1 comments

I need help. Why does it tell me that dll already exists in line 14304 like... all the time. plz respond i dont wanna wait forever. :D

thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
thiago-capuano - - 14 comments

When is this game going to be avaliable for buying? On Steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
joROLFLOL - - 2 comments

am getting a runtime error
"runtime error 9703 - DLL already exists at line 14304"
please help

(windows 10 build 10142)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheeLord - - 28 comments

So now that you're moving to Unity in .4 will this be available on mobile devices? Seems like a great fit for the mobile market IMO =)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Merced Creator
Merced - - 5 comments

Haven't seen you in a while ^^

The platform flexibility is one of the reasons I am going with Unity. v0.40 will be available for Linux as well. I intend to also do a Mac release with a later version but will need an appropriate machine for that.

I will certainly also evaluate mobile devices, but I can see several potential problems. All the information given in the game might end up to tiny on smartphones, so it might only work right on tablets or with it's own UI version. I'm also not sure if mobile devices can calculate the geometry the car designer produces fast enough to allow for real time shaping of the cars and if said realtime shaping works smooth enough with a touch interface.
The chances for mobile versions are probably around 50:50 at this point. Which is a lot more than the 0 it had with Dark Basic ;-)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
HerpaderpOhmygerd - - 4 comments

It looks very good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cometothefall - - 3 comments

It's a really good idea, and the demo was fun. Just really short. To be honest though I know nothing of cars, and found it confusing, but enjoyable. (:

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Less than 7 hours ago Cars Incorporated was updated to version 0.36, introducing the online highscore and Roses has already taken the lead.

Mar 29 2015 by wildduckgames

The forum for Cars Incorporated has now been restored on the Wild Duck Games Homepage. Visit it here: Wildduckgames.com

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Nice to know: Cars Incorporated has finally moved into the Top 100 games on Steam's Greenlight, currently at rank 84. #CarsIncGame

Mar 18 2015 by wildduckgames

Cars Incorporated v0.35 is ready without the website integration and Wild Duck fans can get it first: Wildduckgames.com

Jan 11 2015 by wildduckgames

Cars Incorporated is available again through Wild Duck's microsite: Wildduckgames.com

Jan 3 2015 by wildduckgames