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The game is a rogue-like with 2-players co-op. Players have to go through a procedurally generated dungeon fighting enemies on their way and a boss at the end.

Enemies have assorted abilities that can vary and combine so that you have to invent peculiar tactics against each of them.

Apart from melee and ranged weapons, players can use other ways to interact with enemies: they can be set on fire, slowed down, receive weaknesses to certain attacks, etc. There are also traps and obstacles that require the player's attention and reaction to be safely passed.

In the process of exploration, players pick up weapons and weapon upgrades, consumables and craft supplies. Craft system allows players to create boosting supplies, ammo, traps for enemies, etc.

There are blessings that alter certain stats and abilities. Wisely combining them, you can receive additional effects. There are curses as well, that can be cast by enemies, come as trap events or act as side effects of particular items.

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Update 4


Update description

2021 12 10 18 01 48 Carrot Heart

The main feature of the update is support for the Carrot Heart SDK. By plugging it into Unity, you'll be able to create game content, such as weapons or consumables.

Improved guide for working with the SDK Docs.google.com

2021 12 10 21 48 55

A bestiary has also been added. It contains information about the enemies and items you met during the game. For example, you can see the recipes of consumables.

2021 12 10 21 50 11 CarrotHeart

Patch notes

  • Added Carrot Heart SDK for creating items in mods.
  • Added bestiary, which contains open enemies and items.
  • Added 2 melee weapons.
  • Fixed door opening in Common8 room.
  • Now shows the price above the levers, even if there is not enough currency.
  • Items after purchase in the store are now thrown on the floor instead of being placed in inventory.

What's next

In the next update, the English translation will be finalized. There are also plans to add translations in Simplified Chinese, German, and French.

Game versions

  • Windows u4v0:540
  • Linux u4v0:541

Update 3

Update 3


The main feature of the update is support for Steam Workshop. This update also includes new content and refinement of the game mechanics

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